Navy pea bean soup recipe

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navy pea bean soup recipe

Hearty Navy Bean Soup Recipe | MyRecipes | MyRecipes

This Navy Bean Soup recipe is hearty, comforting and the best way to use up leftover ham! It can be made with hambone, chopped ham or even shredded chicken and bacon like pictured here. It is loaded with navy beans, ham or chicken , potatoes, carrots, celery, fennel, onions, garlic and chives for complex, rich, satisfying spoonfuls. Whether you have leftover nearly naked holiday ham in your refrigerator at this moment or simply want to devour a satisfying, easy soup, this Navy Bean Soup Recipe is for you! This Navy Bean Soup is rich, slightly smoky with layers of creamy beans and potatoes. It is deeply satisfying and waiting for YOU!
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Best Bean Soup Recipe and delicious

Maybe you even finished off your ham to the point of placing the ham bone in the freezer for future use. Either way, today I want to show you exactly how to use your leftover ham bone, to make the most of every last bite of flavor your baked ham can offer! Navy bean soup is the food of my childhood.

Navy Bean Soup Slow Cooker Style

But before i started i got to see my kids open their gifts and I made it home by pm. My husband and I spent a very quiet Christmas, just the two of us together. Had my mother in law over and when we took her home we drove around a little to see the lights. I have shared many reckpe your recipes with her and my sister in law?

Here is a simple yet satisfying white bean meal I always loved. We all had a great time together. Rate it. I simmered it for a full six hours and as is th .

Us empty-nesters spent the morning enjoying coffee and the view of the frozen lake. Hman - December 29, pm Reply. Nanas epic navy bean soup with ham hocks! Thoroughly wash the navy beans and pick them over.

It has put ham and beans back on our menu. Plenty of left over ham to try this. The grandkids were with their other xoup so at least I didnt share my illness with them. We laugh a lot, drink a lot and enjoy every second together.


After church on Christmas Day we went to my parents house and celebrated with my extended family. Love ham in beans. Your email address will not be published. Drain beans?

After church on Christmas Day we went to my parents house and celebrated with my extended family. We spent a quiet Christmas with our fur babies, our families are spread far and wide. The flavour was point on. Big hit in my house.

Spent Christmas with my wonderful daughters 13 bwan 18 years of age. Most ham and bean soup recipes take anywhere from hours to cook, pm Reply. It was delicious. Kate - December 28, all from scratch.

Angela Wittle - December 27, pm Reply? I had all shopped and wrapped by the middle of December never beforeand I baked the weekend before Christmas that has been hit or miss. Now on to the ham and bean soup. Recipe Notes.

I came from a family of 8 so we survived on casseroles and hearty soups? Christmas was busy but a wonderful day. Ham Bean Soup. Thanks and Happy New Year!? Follow all of the directions until you get ot the part about loading it into the crockpot.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy. She used to add sliced franks to stretch the meal and it always reminds me of her. My mom taught and showed me so many things, but cooking was a favorite thing we both enjoyed doing together and sharing. When she passed away my Dad asked if I wanted anything of hers and I asked if I could go through her cookbooks and recipes so I could pass on my favorites and keep the memories alive. Here is a simple yet satisfying white bean meal I always loved. Very easy and with a salad and crusty french bread it is a wonderful meal.


Rinse beans: after the beans have soaked, give them a good rinse in fresh water. Thank You. All our families are back in Wyoming and peq roads are always closed for us to get back to spend the holiday with them. Most helpful.

Sopu - January 3, pm Reply. You are right that ham can be stretched and repurposed! I made this recipe as is the first time and it was quite tasty without any changes. I made beef tenderloin with a mushroom sauce?

I used to love ham and beans when I was younger. Season with kosher salt and black pepper to taste. The night ended with quality time between my bf and I. Very good soup.

Spent a lazy morning waiting for kids to awaken, then brunch and present opening? This Navy Bean Soup recipe is hearty, comforting and the best way to use up leftover ham. The girls and I were singing at the top of our lungs and dancing in the car- it was a great day. So I had a great Christmas day!!!.

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  1. This delicious Navy Bean Soup slow cooker style is comfort food to the max. This best bean soup recipe is made from scratch and is bursting with flavors that the whole family will love. 👨‍👧

  2. Thanks for taking the time to come back and let me know. I spent Xmas with my daughter and her extended family and had a great holiday. Tips for Using Hambone: Start with a meaty hambone. Really good.🧞

  3. Bobbi - January 3, pm Reply. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. Other Great Recipes! Undoubtedly my life would be changed forever.👩‍👩‍👦

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