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reading in the dark pdf

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If you were ever caught reading in low light, or using a torch under the bedcovers to read after lights-out, your parents might well have warned you that straining your eyes would damage your eyesight. End of story? Not quite. When you dig a little deeper and look at the scientific evidence, the story becomes much more complex. Short-sightedness or myopia means that a person can easily see things that are close up, but objects in the distance such as the number on a bus or the menu board in a restaurant look blurry. Our eyes are cleverly designed to adjust to different light levels. If you are trying to read in the gloom your pupils dilate in order to take in more light through the lens onto your retinas.
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Reading in the dark

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I've always enjoyed reading. But, to be perfectly honest, I didn't used to read as much as I should have. Besides being a great way to escape and unwind, reading increases your knowledge, focus, and worldview as a business owner. It also gives you something interesting to talk about when you're networking. In short, reading is beneficial in both your personal and professional lives.


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