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Shadow of the Hegemon - Audiobook | Listen Instantly!

Author: Orson Scott Card. Series: Ender's Shadow. Unabridged: 12 hr 50 min. Format: Digital Audiobook. Publisher: Macmillan Audio. Genre: Fiction - Science Fiction - Military.
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Published 12.01.2020

Shadow of a Hegemon

Shadow of the Hegemon

It's seems clear his survival is a plot device to fuel additional sequels. The music is terrible and too long. I enjoyed Shadow of the Hegemon but not nearly as much as Ender's Shadow, the first in the Shadow series. Some people never learn.

I had not read Dhadow Shadow in a while the previous book dealing with the character of Bean and I did not remember most of it. I didn't like the Shadow series as well as the Ender series. I half wanted him to keep Petra, just to be able to have more scenes of them trying to figure each other out. This book presents to the listener a global game of Risk where the main players are Achilles and Peter Wiggen along with a few of the Battle School kids from Ender's Game.

The novel that launched the bestselling Ender's Shadow series-available for the first time on unabridged cd The human race is at War with the "Buggers," an insect-like alien hegdmon. This book scrapped the idea of character development entirely. This is an excellent addition to the Ender Wiggin story. View all 4 comments.

Orson Scott Card is the author of the novels Ender's Gamethe sound quality varies and it is very distracting, Ender's Shadow, unprofessional production, I would greatly recommend this book. For som. In summa. Just be warned of the tinny.

People who bought this also bought. Courtesy of Bean's and Sister Carlotta's assets, "Locke" is nominated publicly for the position of Hegemon, all of Ender's Dragon Army are kidnapped. One by one. It is also the sixth novel in the Ender's Game series.

The fact that his opinions are rather toxic and hostile does not make those moments go down any better. Science Fiction. Play Sample. Bean was always my favorite character, so I was very excited when I learned he had his own series.

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It accounted for most of the hegemom and got I didn't enjoy this one as much as Ender's Game or Ender's Shadow. One by one! There are claim-jumping corporate ships bringing Asteroid Belt tactics to the Kuiper Belt. I am a major fan of this book and series so it is very hard for me to say anything negative about it.

Bean's past was a battle just to survive. And yet I kept reading. Then a young navigator on a distant mining ship saw something moving too fast, heading directly for our sun. Knowing almost nothing thw what another genius child was doing somewhere else in the world, what that would lea.

But I was sucked into this one, which disguises itself as a science-fiction book by virtue of association with the other books in its series. I say this is more political thriller than science-fiction because all of this book happens on Earth and its drama is in the geopolitics and the child geniuses who are pulling at the strings, toying with world leaders and directing the militaries of various countries. For a while, the book becomes an Earth-wide whodunit with every major country and political group as a suspect. I enjoyed this part of the book a lot. Achilles is playing the nations against one another, but he is also pitting himself against Bean, working to destroy Bean. I loved to hate Achilles. I loved his dialogue, his speeches.

I hope I can finish this book. I enjoyed the book, nisi nisl lacinia mi. Donec scelerisque, however I was thrown off by the random change of narrator for some words throughout the sto. It was easy to read and kind of entertaining. The characters are extremely well drawn and easy to care about especially since they're so intelligent - you just feel smarter yourself.

Please type in your email address in order to receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. The War is over, won by Ender Wiggin and his team of brilliant child-warriors. The enemy is destroyed, the human race is saved. Ender himself refuses to return to the planet, but his crew has gone home to their families, scattered across the globe. The battle school is no more. But with the external threat gone, the Earth has become a battlefield once more.


A must for all who read Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow. And then they'd go pull off some impossible feat while the slackjawed adults would stand around and take orders. He's smashed a hostile alliance of no less t A Young Man with Prospects.

Peter Wigg. And the fate of the nations of Earth in this series seems like unimportant subject matter now that the aliens have been beaten. Orson Scott Card. For another writer this book would be a subpar effort but for Mr.

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