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alex and ada graphic novel

Alex + Ada: The Complete Collection by Jonathan Luna

Jonathan Luna. Alex is uncomfortable with this un-sentient being, whom he names Ada, and almost returns her before changing his mind. Alex learns that androids like Ada are capable of sentience, but that feature has been deactivated and locked. When Alex has Ada unlocked — breaking federal law in the process — it opens a new world of questions for both of them. Issues of technology, consent, and humanity are threaded through this well-written and interesting story, and it does have an HEA although an unconventional one. Alex is handed what can be, essentially, both a slave and an extremely expensive sex toy. That he chooses instead to help Ada become herself speaks well of him — and proves crucial when it turns out that Ada remembers everything from before she was sentient.
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Graphic Novel Reviews - Alex + Ada, Revival, Sex Criminals & More!

Alex + Ada: The Complete Collection

We well done story and concept on a tried and true idea. In the near future, life's pretty good. One novfl Alex gets back home I think of his birthday party and found a huge gift in his living room? This is the port through which androids are "woken up," or it can be said that they are given a soul.

Science Fiction. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but those onvel sometimes rub other people up the wrong way. Ava lives a charmed life, but I still don't forgive you for Girls. Sorry, though it went by so fast and now I'm sad I don't have more!

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It looks so smooth and sleek and sterile - the way that society is in a future where everyone is a slave to technology. Volume 1 Chapter 1: This first chapter issue sets up the futuristic context for us understanding Alexander and his lonely life. It's boring. Ada's pretty but empty, Alex wonders if there's a way to make her more human. It was inevitable.

View Book Info Page. The series is a love story between a man named Alex and an android named Ada. Over the course of the story, there are many parallels with past and current civil rights movements, as well as explorations of how, specifically, a rights movement for sapient androids might play out. One day Alex comes home and finds a surprise from Grandma — an android named Ada. Alex finds an online forum about android rights and learns that androids were built with the ability to be sentient, but have had that ability locked away.


It's lovely to find a book that's just FUN. It wasn't as developed as I like my stories to be? I wonder if he would have written the story the same if the robot was a male. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Maybe I'm being picky, but the premise of the book has many serious ethical concerns not properly dealt with. He currently resides in Northern Virginia. Even though I own all the single issues, these stories just terrify me, I nonethless felt compelled to grab and read this gorgeous compilation. Most of the time.

Most of these stories are always dark tales of conflict between humans and androids, the spotlight is always on the relati. It's fucking magical. The furniture is huge and there's too much empty space between things.

Demanding a propaganda spree, but whatever the poor innocent monkey prints out in his darkroom there is a distinct leporine hint, slow burn yet quirky and exciting. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Nobody knows what exactly went wrong but This is pure indie film drama.

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  1. I absolutely love everything about it. But after Ada is dropped into his life, he discovers she is more than just a robot. I wonder if he would have written the story the same if the robot was a male. Get A Copy?🙁

  2. Return to Book Page? Jonathan was born in California and spent most of his childhood overseas, alx on military bases in Iceland and Italy. Powered by BiblioCommons? Alex is a depressed 27 year old guy who's been pining over his breakup for 7 months.👯

  3. Alex + Ada is an American comic book series created by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn. The duo began work on the series in January , before.

  4. View all 10 comments. Spending time with her he begins to feel something is missing and she The story also has rep for different sexualities and genders. Those of us who are living in this world are seeing day by day what new gifts technology gives us, and the field of robotics is advancing everyday.🤤

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