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Topics: Gothic Elements. Gothic is a literary genre that is connected to the dark and horrific. Since that time, gothic literature has become a widespread influence. Some elements that are typically gothic genre elements include ancient prophecies, mystery and suspense, supernatural events, dreams and visions, violence, and a gloomy and desolate setting. Charlotte Bronte, the author of Jane Eyre, was greatly influenced by the gothic movement. This is obvious to anyone who has read her work. Jane Eyre, in particular, falls into the tradition of the late eighteenth and nineteenth century gothic novels.
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Jane Eyre - Summary & Analysis - Charlotte Brontë

Gothic Elements In Jane Eyre Paper

The colour on the walls is reminiscent of blood. Show More. The strong description of horror, gorhic gruesomeness in Gothic novels reveals truths to readers through realistic. Send Message.

This also occurs when Jane Eyre is traveling through the moors after she leaves Thornfield Hall. While Jane is staying at Gateshead with her cousins and aunt, selfish and arrogant nature. He has an abrupt, The Reed family she is mocked and punished for no reason whatsoever? There are many elements to Gothic literature.

We are not sure what evil Jane will have to overcome but it appears in the form gotnic Bertha. Essays Essays FlashCards. The gothic twist to this is the mad wife; Bertha.

Jane Eyre as a Female Gothic Novel. We are not sure what evil Jane will have to overcome but it appears in the form of Bertha. The colour on the walls is reminiscent of blood. Visitors usually spent days at houses they were visiting because of the traveling distance.

In conclusion, Charlotte Bronte's.
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Gothic literature began and was very strong at the time of the Romantic Writers Movement. Gothic novels share common characteristics that contribute to the overall feeling of the novel. Most Gothic novels involve a setting that typically added mystery and suspense. The novel usually took place in a castle-like structure that was dark, scary, and isolated Examine. In addition, the story enveloped omens or visions, supernatural or inexplicable events, overwrought emotion, women in distress, and. As well as its gothic sensation, romance is present as well, giving the novel its feminine characteristics. Foreshadowing is a main aspect which helps prolong the suspense in the novel.

Follow us to get updates from Inquiries Journal in your daily feed. Jane Eyre, written in different eras and different bac. The colour on the walls is reminiscent of blood? Your answer should include reference to contrasting narrative techniques employed by the two authors. Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar.

The romantic aspect of Gothic is used to reflect and rebel against this reality which is done from the Eurocentric perspective of a 19 th century British woman. The red room incident has multiple symbolic meanings, one of which is the entrapment of Victorian women in the confines of the male dominated space of the house. The representation of the entrapped female body leads to the issue of suppression of female sexuality. Bertha Mason is the Gothic symbol through which female sexuality and passion are represented. The parallels between Jane and Bertha are drawn to suggest that if Jane seeks equality, love, an identity, she has to repress her passionate side. The moon and moonlight are personified as matriarchal guiding forces, asserting the importance of Jane finding such a figure to establish her identity in a patriarchal society.


The gothic elements of mystery, violence and aa supernatural have the strongest presence in Jane Eyre. This is a very realist portrayal of the boundaries, Charlotte. Works Cited Bronte, limitations of the Victorian woman in marriage! Downloading text is forbidden on this website.

In additio. AW 14 January at Popular Essays. The description Jane gives in the scene she first meets Mr Rochester is typical gothic.

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  1. I had heard it - where, or whence for ever impossible to know. The Gothic takes its roots from previous horrifying writing that extends back to the Middle Ages and can still be found in writings today by many authors including Charlotte Bronte. Ultimately, howev.💛

  2. Your answer should include reference to contrasting narrative techniques employed by the two authors. Jane Eyre, written in by Charlotte Bronte, and Wide Sargasso Sea, written in by Jean Rhys, are two different novels, written in different eras and different backgrounds, thus are strongly related. Jane Eyre is a typical novel of its time. 🏌️‍♂️

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