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characters of 2 states novel

2 States: The Story of My Marriage by Chetan Bhagat

It is the 4 th stereotypical novel by Chetan Bhagat. The book comes in a blood red coloured cover which has not so mesmerising but meaningful design. Being a realistic novel, the story is of now, the space is where we live and it proves to be a good past time occupying activity. Funny at times, it grasps the attention and turns interesting in several parts. The action seems to be condensed in the first 40 pages — love, dating, live-in, sex, college life, struggle for jobs, after which the story seems to lose the pace and give the readers a space to turn a few pages at times. Being the story of how and why the families fall in love the readers are compelled to stick-in upto the end. The book is a satire on the inter-community marriages in Indian social culture.
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2 States The Story of My Marriage by Chetan Bhagat part -1 - Greatest AudioBooks

Two main characters of the novel are.

2 States: The Story of My Marriage

I believe the advantage is not made use of fully. He is the only Indian author, whose every work has been made into a film. Many people have done it and all of them deserve applause, including Chetan Bhagat. And then the happily ever after.

Charafters impression, he takes a new thing, it's manageable. For e. Ananya was tagged as the "Best girl of the fresher batch" by the male students. Where ever the novelist wanted to discuss the multicultural nature of these two characters.

Bhagat wrote this novel after quitting his job as an investment banker. The story is about a couple Krish and Ananya, who hail from two different states of India, Punjab and Tamil Nadu respectively, who are deeply in love and want to get married.
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This is a book for those looking for some entertainment; those who can laugh at themselves; those who can derive amusement from minor observations made by the author; ones who can understand that the author is stretching the This is not a book for the pseudo or otherwise intellectual. Krish never shares his feelings nor does he share a harmonious bonding with his father. Girl loves boy. This is the best romantic book I have read til date.

His books are local, easy to read and relatable. His books follow the Hindi film style settings with every masala present to entertain you. I nvoel completed this one and wanted to write out the review immediately before i start hating it more. Krish gets worried and annoyed with this.

He wanted to say her gradually by conveying Ananya as her best friend. I chaacters dislike Krish' mother more than anyone. First Things First. And, as a good Hindi m.

I'll start with the basics! I felt like am reading an elongated version of the 'full synopsys' of a movie on IMDB. However, the worst part of the book was this: I have no idea how they fell in love with each other! All Comments .

This week is fast turning out to be a week of sequels. I had hardly finished the trilogy of R. Krish is on the verge of nervous breakdown and has given up on life for good. As the charming physiotherapist convinces him to talk his heart out, a wonderful story begins, predictably in an Institute, and this time the honour goes to IIM Ahmedabad, where our Hero is standing in a queue in college canteen, gawking at beautiful Ananya Swaminathan who is arguing with the cook over the quality of sambhar! One thing leads to another and Krish and Ananya become the hip and happening couple of geeky IIMA, grabbing eyeballs with their bold live-in relationship. They are madly in love with each other and are committed for life.


After having read five point someone, an understating and passion of Carnatic music. I'm not going to waste my breath describing it. The Tamils seem to posses a love for knowledge and hatred for showing it off, my better sense warned me with vehemence to avoid this book like the plague? I don't know why they fell in love with each other.

Preview - 2 States by Chetan Bhagat. I can see why he fell in love with her and chose to write this book about their og. But, sadly perfection is a tricky road. Can you imagine.

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  1. It still is. The adorable story of Krish and Ananya enthralled me to the utmost. Created: Apr 12, IST! A typical bollywood love story.

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