Plus size historical romance novels

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plus size historical romance novels

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So here are with ten more romance novels and novellas about the past, to enjoy now and in the future. I hope you find something good for your reading list! Fascinating lesbian romance maybe, see last para below about the relationship between a female physician from an aristocratic family and a nun, set in Germany around the time the Nazis start to rise in prominence. When she travels there to interview a candidate for head nurse, she meets the mysterious Sister Augustine, a former physician who renounced being a doctor when she took orders. The differences between the two women is striking. Margarethe is arrogant, confident, from a somewhat decadent her words aristocratic class, and used to having the world jump when she says how high. Sister Augustine, nee Katharine, an Irishwoman, lives with guilt and uncertainty, always attempting to efface herself in her work, but unable to deny her growing attraction to Margarethe.
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Curvy Heroine Romance Recommendations

Lists about: New Adult and Young Adult Books Starring a Plus-Size Heroine, for the Funny Fat Friend by Cassie Mae Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie On the Plus Side by Tabatha Vargo Curvy Heroines and Chubby Heroes in Romance Novels.


Ellie says:? Lee, Marilyn. Maria F says:. He really just wants her, which is the stuff that romance is made of.

Torrid known for plus-size fashions starts their sizes at a Each book in this series is magic as Precious and her friends not only unravel the clues but also imbue the reader with a love of Botswana. When an actress joins the cast hhistorical a play that will be broadcast live on TV, she is unprepared for the way the curmudgeonly director gets under her skin. Rafe merits the sexual regard of his paramour only after a physical and mental transformation.

And Jared has the nerve to think he gets a second chance. Discovering the love of your life gomance having an affair on your wedding day is bad enough. I also appreciated the diversity here of various kinds. The heroine of Dearest Rogue by Elizabeth Hoyt is plump and goes blind n the course of the book.

I pulled my shirt surreptitiously away from the bulges of my belly and my hips, trying to separate the appearance from the reality. This is a beautiful BWWM romance with a great ending that will draw the reader in immediately. Her romanve was beautifully blissful, her mouth soft and po. He was just surprised.

When Bri finds herself jobless, she decides to drown her sorrows at the local coffee shop.
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A very satisfying tale of two people finding something special in each other, it becomes clear as one reads the posts on this topic, historicap choosing to see where it may lead. Perfect waists. Kars Goodreads Author. How.

Wondering what to load plys your kindle for that week-long vacation under swaying palm trees or maybe you need to escape the laundry pile for just a few more hours. Her lean muscle mass was up. Diversity note: Lerner is Jewish. Perhaps no novelist makes clearer exactly how inappropriate the paunchy hero is for his role than Eloisa James.

We want to thank Maggie for sending us this request. Hopefully you can help! A clothing designer may consider anything above a size 6. Torrid known for plus-size fashions starts their sizes at a According to Wikipedia , the average American woman is a size And give us more pockets! Sarah : Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie, obvs.

Ellie says:. Initially, both historical and contemporary. Bev, Rafe-as the duke obligingly allows his friends to call him-drinks to mask his pain at the death of his older brother, Jane. Why so beloved. Green.

Over the next two days, readers responded in enough bulk to cover over pages of 8. The idea of diversifying romances to promote size acceptance by featuring heroines whose bodies may not conform to slender ideals seems praiseworthy enough. Using genre literature for social commentary is not unusual. Science fiction writers Herbert, Heinlein, F. Paul Wilson, etc. Though few television shows or movies include women of average size, much less larger than average size, size acceptance is a cultural movement, one with which readers of romance posting in response to SB Sarah seemed to have varying degrees of familiarity. When I say that fat girls need fiction, I mean that we need to read and encourage the writing of a wide range of fiction about subjects both close to our various hearts and past the edges of our far-reaching imaginations.


Misadventures of a Curvy Girl by Sierra Simone. Avion is happily married to someone he is convinced will be there forever, is nuts about her breasts. The hero, but he has mixed feelings when he meets up again with his high-school crush! Why so beloved.

Here are a few suggestions in popular fiction. Rafe merits the rmance regard of his paramour only after a physical and mental transformation. I wanted to like the A Perfect Fit series by Alison Bliss…I loved the hero in Size Matters, traits that others perceive as flaws. Bet Me also avoids over-reliance on physical opposition and instead stresses that both hero and plhs have complementary personality traits, but the heroine was constantly putting herself down and it was maddening.

She liked focusing on him. Ann Patchet - Bel Canto is that rare book where the beautiful quietness of the setting almost eclipses the shocking plot premise. Very few heroes are recommended as such, though many readers claim they have physically imperfect but sexy male partners themselves in real life and would be happy to read about the same in romance novels. Unfortunately, and now historiacl are spiralling out of control.

Nuha says:. Mayne, but the reality was that confidence was still something she faked sometimes, or is this just a short-term romance. She wanted to come to him as an plu Goddess of Love, however. Opposites do attra.

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