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the fifth sacred thing audiobook

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The message came to me in a dream, as I was considering writing a sequel to The Fifth Sacred Thing , my futuristic novel in which an ecotopian Northern California struggles to resist an invasion by the brutal, militarist Southlands using nonviolence and magic. Fifth ends with the Resistance successful, but then what? The book was long enough, so there was no need or room to answer that one when I wrote it twenty years ago. As I worked on endless drafts of a screenplay, then a pilot script for TV, and as I pondered episode breakdowns for a pitch, I began to toy with the idea of writing a sequel. That moment when I know I have to write another book is always a grim and terrible moment—sort of like those moments in fairy tales where the Baba Yaga tells you to go sort a mountain of wheat or go empty a lake with a sieve. It means a long and grueling task ahead, that feels so huge there is no end in sight.
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The Fifth Sacred Thing - Kickstarter Video (Captioned) The Fifth Sacred Thing (Audible Audio Edition): Starhawk, Maya Lilly: Audible Audiobooks.

City of Refuge: the Sequel to The Fifth Sacred Thing

Oh I am so happy there will be more. We have a lot of different kinds of families. These hills, this flat bed o. The Fifth Sacred Thing thihg Walking to Mercury were both a major influence on my personal philosophies of magick and nonviolence.

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Maya Lilly: We really ran a marathon by creating an audiobook from The Fifth Sacred Thing , which came out almost 25 years ago! How do you feel about having a new audiobook of an older story of yours? I say this all the time: you did a fantastic job reading it and bringing the characters alive! What do you think about audiobooks in general as compared to books? Are they something you enjoy yourself? I love audiobooks! I listen to them all the time.


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