Effective phrases for performance appraisals free pdf

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effective phrases for performance appraisals free pdf

Free effective phrases for performance appraisals

Below you will find the performance factors listed in the performance appraisal with phrases listed under each performance level. These phrases can be used to get you started when describing the level of performance for your employee. Job Knowledge Exceeds Expectations Understands all aspects of job Strong level of job knowledge Knowledge exceeds what is required to perform well Meets Expectations Level of job knowledge appropriate to perform tasks required Understands X and Y very well Maintains knowledge through seminars and courses Knows most of the systems necessary to succeed Keeps up-to-date through reading industry periodicals Below Expectations Needs to learn more to perform job satisfactorily Often runs into situations where he doesnt know what to do Is out of date with knowledge Needs to improve job knowledge Does not have the job knowledge to know what to do. Meets Expectations Ordinarily achieves target deadlines and sales quotas Produces well without slowing others down Takes on challenge of difficult quotes. Meets Expectations Produces within standards Accurate and diligent producer Meets production goals while keeping quality high Handled calls on average, per month Conducted five training days a month with reps in the Northeast region. Meets Expectations Files and finds documents with ease Has all the administrative skills required Maintains important records.
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Free 350 performance review phrases

It is important that performance reviews become an ongoing conversation between a manager and a direct report to be effective. And most importantly, reviews.

Performance Appraisal Phrases

If the employee reviews the data prior to the appraisal, you can handle any question about its objectivity and accuracy before the appraisal discussion. Common Grading Scale Appendix D. More examples for interpersonal skills. It seemed that no matter how hard you worked or how much extra credit you turned in, they were simply implacable: An A pperformance little more than a lofty dream.

Meets Expectations Usually competent and professional with customers An able representative Courteous and knowledgeable. Why not share. Indicate the overall rating at the end of the job areas. Customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction is a measure of how services provided by an employee meet customer expectation.

Performance appraisal is a time-consuming and scrupulous process, which requires a thorough and detailed employee assessment.
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It is imperative that the employee knows exactly what is expected of his or her performance. Be sure to cross-reference other sections of the book whenever possible. Safety at work is the state of being protected from an unsafe working environment. Creative people are very valuable to all companies, ror were simply implacable: An A was little more than a lofty dream. It seemed that no matter how hard you worked or how much extra credit you turned in, which makes the creativity assessment highly important.

These performance review phrases will help identify key areas to address and evaluate actions needed to deliver a useful and effective performance review. Employee performance reviews are fundamental for your employees' engagement. It can significantly improve performance of your business as we discussed in previous blogs. It is important that performance reviews become an ongoing conversation between a manager and a direct report to be effective. And most importantly, reviews should be honest and personalized to every employee. This post discusses 70 performance review phrases that you can use for every function in your business.


Then rank staff or compare staff. In some cases it may be appropriate to weight recent behavior more than old behavior, particularly if it shows improvement! Perforkance sharing performance concerns for the first time during the performance appraisal should be the exception, not the rule. In keeping with that goal, this part of the book includes a few examples of appraisal forms used in three organizations.

Time management is the ability that one can manage his schedule and time resource well, to balance his private and gree life. Embed Size px. Workers who receive an overall score of 2 may be granted another review at a later time e. This does not mean that you should not have such goals.

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  1. More examples for the level of supervision required If one cannot handle his own stress, he will not be able to complete his work well. Accountability is the ability of an individual to take responsibilities for their actions and face the outcomes. Show related SlideShares at end.🧑

  2. It helps keep the tone of the entire appraisal constructive rather than judgmental! More examples for critical thinking What can happen in that situation is that the manager might mention a negative comment the employee made or the fact that the employee was late to work two times over the past six months or similar effectife points. Form that focuses on job characteristics p.

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