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All Romance is Closing Effective 12/31/ - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

I imagine it may get better the later it gets. Authors who sell their books through the site as well as publishers received a different message. Authors whose books were contracted by AllRomance as a publisher are receiving their rights back, and no monetary compensation. So authors who were published by AllRomance as a publisher will receive no compensation for fourth quarter Any sales made from today until the site goes dark are not included. RWA posted a response on their site outlining the terms of the closing of All Romance, then adding:. RWA finds it unconscionable for the owner of ARe to withhold information so long and to continue selling books through the end of the month when the company cannot pay commissions.
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Romance Authors

All Romance eBooks was at one time a leading romance ebook retailer, but by the time it shut down in late it was clouded in scandal.

DragonCon Invites the Infamous Lori James of All Romance eBooks as Author Guest

The more complaints they get, and a few of them are top-ranked romance and erotica rommance. If you still have your receipt emails contact the publisher or author. Several of my authors were listed there, Sarah. Thanks for the thorough column on this, the more likely action will be taken.

A lot of authors are reporting a nosedive in sales from about the time the Barbara Perfetti thing started and Lori James started drawing a salary. All other content--including the lack of paragraph breaks or any sort of apology or appreciation--is just as I go it. Stephani Hecht December 31, at pm. I olri that I am potentially going to be losing thousands of dollars in books that I purchased.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Shining a bright light into the dark corners of the shadow-world of literary scams, ronance pitfalls. This includes any content you are having us distribute to Apple. Got a question about the forum.

Big Bear Lake California-a beautiful and expensive place to live In fact, the only involved party ARe is not screwing over appears to be its owner. The smaller authors will be hit hard. Tax fraud is another possibility for the shutdown. Abiatha Swelter December 30, at am?

All Romance Ebooks (ARe) Bankruptcy and Closure Update July Plus, Lori James continues on as Samantha Sommersby, her pen.
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But the thing of it is. Some books may never have sold a single copy. And sure, most of the authors whose money just vanished into the ether surrounding those multi-million dollar properties in a Big Bear Lake vacation community may be out ten bucks at most. We would not survive without any money to pay our mortgage or put food on the table for the kids.

As per our terms of agreement, I went through the support process and received a reply saying the money would be refunded but it never happened, Crist and Scott have done their loir auction that state to the highest bidder for the past two decades. Bush. The Romance Writers of America guild released a statement upon hearing of the news which reads as follows:.

And I am shocked on behalf of the authors actually published by ARe are getting nothing at all. It was also outlined the somewhat suspect behavior of the owner and the company prior to this announcement and detailed the actions taken over the last twenty-four hours. Rachel Leigh Smith December 30, at pm. I do live in California.

Alk they really have been deleted and not copied. On midnightat pm, our sites will go dark and your content will cease to be available for sale through our platforms. I just did an update on some of what has happened. Vivian Lane December 30.

So the winner would be out a lot of money, and as an LLC the owner is theoretically protected from accountability. But nevertheless, one does hope there's a lawsuit, that the company loses, and that for some good and legal reason their limited liability turns out not to be so limited after all. The fact that several authors are reporting changing ie decreasing monies owed is certainly support for fraud. Monies changing from owed to just 70? Others dropping a few dollars here and a few dollars there? As if asking authors to accept 10 cents on the dollar isn't bad enough, now the dollar amount it is being based on is being changed? So they're planning on stiffing their readers, authors, publishers, and advertisers, and everyone is supposed to accept no or minimal payment to keep THEM out of bankruptcy court?

Besides that, at pm, there's a principal at stake here romande Lori James has utterly betrayed the people who placed trust in her. I hope you enjoy your miserable 10 cents deal. Fabian Black December 31. All authors who have been affected are welcome to join. You can read her personal blog at www.

Authors lost their money owed unless they took a pay out deal of 10 cents on the dollar that was owed. Readers had only mere days to download their titles before the website shut down. Some people had hundreds of titles. Some authors gathered together and filed a lawsuit in Florida. Some large Indie and small presses lost hundreds to thousands of dollars, refusing to take the deal because of principle. How is the lawsuit going in Florida?

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  1. RWA contacted ARe but has not yet received a response. This way, I still have my libra. Any sales made from today eooks the site goes dark are not included. A: You start earning with the very first sale.

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