Second hand bookshop in kathmandu

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The Best Bookshops in Kathmandu, Nepal

Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. You can update your settings by clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the page. When I was in Kathmandu many many years ago, it was easy to find used travel guide like Lonely Planet in Thamel, for half the price of a new one. But I am here actually and I didn't find such store in Thamel so far, they are all nice stores now selling only new books. Yo could try th second hand bookshop in Freak st.
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Kathmandu Bookshop

In the legend of Aladdin from the Tales of the Arabian Nights , the hero is imprisoned by a magician in a vast underground cavern of interconnecting caves full of fabulous riches. Squeezed between restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and cheap tourist guest houses was an inauspicious shop front which led into a maze of rooms filled from floor to ceiling with books which must have taken years to accumulate.

Second hand English books in KTM

Reading the article I am feeling like I was standing in the shop myself. I visit Mr. In May. You can get books in almost half the price bopkshop also they' re in really good condition.

Risal is actually deaf? He had old photograph printouts of Kathmandu. So, it would be wise to leave some space for books while leaving Kathmandu. Kind of like buying an electronic book I guess.

Secondhand books are disappearing around the world. In Nepal they still thrive. Meet the man who runs my favorite bookstore in Kathmandu.
united church of christ bookstore

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However, the store reopened quickly in a nearby. I am also very lucky to have one of these nice book stores right on the corner from where I live. Today there are still plenty of bookstore. Risal is actually deaf!

Today there are katbmandu two that do that. Today there are only two that do that. This man knew where every book was in his store by heart. I did.

To buy and sell secondhand books in Kathmandu-Nepal is the best way of fulfilling the needs of academic books for students. This opportunity has been the blessing for students who do not earn much. Bookshops are quite easily available in every corners of Kathmandu. Buying books from Nepal is always a welcoming task as you can get internationally recognized academic books like medical books and oxford dictionaries at much less price in comparison to book price in western countries. So, it would be wise to leave some space for books while leaving Kathmandu.

Our used bookstores where we can have a sensory book experience. The older secondhand bookstores used to offer an even better incentive to shop with them! Forum categories? If they are not in stock then Mr. Country forums.

Second-hand bookstores and map shops are a dime a dozen in the tourist hub of Thamel. Asia Nepal Kathmandu Books. The Best Bookshops in Kathmandu, Nepal. Save to Wishlist. Pilgrims Book House Bookstore. Save Place. Pilgrims, in the heart of Thamel, was established in and was one of the largest bookshops in Asia.


Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website! I enjoy anything to do where real books are being supported. They might become known as collectors shops. Soaking oneself in a bookstore is a wonderful expression.

Just casually interested, Asia. View last reply. It was an institution in itself. May 18th, Clearly it must have existed at some time.

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  1. Skip to content Mr. They are a treasure trove of unknown discoveries. Indeed if you are an old school book lover Nepal might still be your Shangri-La. The problem I have is that the selections are always rather limited and always new. Flick through them. 🤬

  2. Moon Landing Memorabilia. People reading more than ever before world-wide… and yet… where are our treasure troves? Anyway, have a momo on me : peace. Today there are only two that kathmmandu that.🏋️‍♀️

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