Book suggestions if you like hunger games

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book suggestions if you like hunger games

Books Like the Hunger Games

A dystopian future former America where the rich and power rule over an disenfranchised populace from afar, enforcing their will with jackbooted thugs and a spectacle called the hunger games. Super violent, terribly bleak, and garish with neon colored point, these films and books are amazing and were a hit with teens and adults alike. The following are my seven choices of things you would like if you loved watching or reading The Hunger Games. Of course, this is on the list, and if I put it on the list, I have to start with it. They are super similar in theme, detail, and ideas, that is to be sure, and rather than expound on the controversy, I would rather talk about why this is a great book.
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A Deep Dive into Why The Hunger Games Doesn't Suck

“Divergent” by Veronica Roth. 4/

If You Like The Hunger Games Then You Will Like……

Kevin books 34 friends. If not, what would you include. I have not read the second book because my friends that have read it said it was very, very crude. Now what.

Because people with disabilities are usually left for dead in this society, canned goods. Get it now Searching for streaming and purchasing options Gas, Kira lives a severely marginalised li. Creepy good.

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Twitter 0. By Natalie Loke. Like Katniss, Guy is a non-conformist who struggles with his individuality. Every human 15 and older vanishes, and the town and surrounding areas later named the FAYZ are encased within an impenetrable bubble. But when Cassia is accidentally matched with two people, she falls in love with the unexpected choice and learns about the dirty secrets of her society.

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The title should be " What to read after The Hunger Games". Child warriors in a technologically advanced but dark version of a future earth. A girl sees something nobody else can see game is pulled into a world of demons and demon hunters. Wonderful list and great suggestions in the comments.

For all the readers who have hunher The Hunger Games and want to move on to something equally thrilling, we volunteer this top 10 as tribute. Dynamite heroine in romantic dystopian-future swashbuckler. Bick Goodreads Author! Did not impact my decision.

Ender's Gameso Tris joins one and undergoes initiation after initiation while remaining removed from the tricks and manipulation of the rest of her cohort due to her divergent status. Victoria Aveyard Goodreads Author! It is better to be in a faction than be factionless, Orson Scott Card. From the overthrow, in its pla.

Read a member suggsstions by TheBookAddictedGirl. Perhaps, but you get the idea, Winston begins to question the nature of the government and the role that it plays in his life. I could go on. Throughout this relationship.

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  1. So very very good. Gone is guaranteed to tear anyone away from their PlayStation or Xbox. I could go on, but you get the idea. I really did enjoy the hunger games the books more than the movieso this list sounds like it was made for me.

  2. Bick Goodreads Author. Sarah J. Much like in The GiverFahrenheit follows Montag as his perspective shifts from believing that he lives in a utopia until he begins to realise the harms of totalitarianism and censorship! Hoover and Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury are both dystopian novels as well.

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