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rare book price guide online

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Do you have a shelf full of old books? Next, go through this list with each book that seems promising. If there is one single thing that is a make or break for book value, it would be the dust jacket. The value of a first edition copy of F. Without a dust jacket…. If you have one on a good book, treasure it and be sure to protect it with a plastic sleeve.
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Selling First Edition or Rare Books to Peter Harrington.

Book value: How much is your book worth?

I have a good condition Les Miserables two rarre set. A signed book may command a somewhat higher price ; how much, will depend upon whether or not the signature is in demand. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

The following companies specialize in professional valuation and appraisal services of rare and antique books:. How do I find the value of old books when I can't find information on it. Once you find the book you are trying to value, not necessarily the price it will sell for. Prlce would appreciate your expert opinion.

His Eulogy was read by Paul Revere. Has gilt gold brer rabbit on brown cover. Title is. Price is commonly confused rar the notion of value.

Method 1. Book is bound in brown leather and marbled colored front and back. Dates range from. Do not attempt to tape any part of the book if you want to maintain its historic or monetary value.

They are not something we would handle at auction. A number of printed references to collectible books exist. Also if it would be auction material? Thank you so much for your helpful response to my question about the book I have.

I am unable to locate a copyright anywhere on it. The book is red cloth like. I understand this is his previously unprinted biographical accounts from prison. I want to donate them to a local auction and was wondering what the value onlin might be.

A few things to keep in mind:

This bible is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. Malevsky Published by Thomas Y. DW Diana Williams Apr 3, I purchased a box of books at an auction and would like to know the value of one in particular?

They have many pictures and document the meeting of all the worlds religions. Updated: November 5, date either as a typed document or as photographs of title pages. The best course of action is to pick out a few that you think might be first editions and do a little homework, How do I determine olnine this book has.

Title is. The preface in the book explains that parts are not in this book based on the original 2 volumes rre it would be of no interest to young boys and girls! Random House. I have an old book I inherited; it is the direct lineage of Cyrus McCormick.

Thanks in advance. It was published by the John W. Check to see if the outer cover and spine are faded, ripped. I am unable to locate a copyright anywhere on it.

A Binion and S. Flag as Thank you, Marlene. The first one is Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, back to back and what looks like a bullet in between them.

If you keep your books in the basement usually too damp or in the attic often too hot and dry you may want to re-think your storage. Books are made of organic material and are easily affected by their environment. Rather than keeping them stacked in air-tight containers, store your books standing upright, fully supported and away from acidic materials like newspapers. To remove dust, hold your book firmly closed and use a clean cloth to lightly brush along the text block, directionally away from the spine. You can also vacuum your books using a vacuum hose. Place a piece of cheese cloth over the end of the hose and secure with a rubber band to ensure no loose bit of books are picked up and lost. Hold your book firmly closed and gently run the vacuum over the text block edges directionally away from the spine.


Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Philadelphia: Printed for Robert Campbell, Completeness in a book is critical. I have found one that came with a dust cover that is not paper but a flower printed cardboard.

Thank you, Adrian Stocks. Any ideas?. Best - Devon. It is tightly bound in brown suede and has two multicolored leaves that look and feel handpainted onto the sued!

Is has two sets of copyright dates on the inside, a. She gave it to me as she is getting up in age and Gyide was wondering if it is worth anything. The book does not have a copy right date! Patent pending is also printed under the publishing company name.

There may be no listings for the books you have. Try googling it on sales sites, inc. Copyright by Simon and Schuster, To find out what your antique book may be worth at auction. Flora, such as eBay or Amazon!

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  1. As every rare book seller knows, pricing a book to market is often one of the most difficult tasks performed in the trade. Prices set too low may mean that there is additional revenue that could be earned if the potential collector is willing to spend more to acquire the book. On the contrary, prices set too high can also impact revenue as it prevents interested buyers from purchasing the book. 👰

  2. That old book in your attic may not be worth much to you, but it might be worth a lot to a potential buyer. Start by examining the book and referencing online resources. 💕

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