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In Freedom At Midnight , authors Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins provide a thoroughly researched account about various events in Indian history which contributed to its independence and the consequences positive and negative which ensued. Readers will get a glimpse into issues such as the final year of the British raj, the reaction of the Princely states to independence, the partition between Pakistan and India, and the violence that followed. The book is a testament to Indian history as it contains deeply researched events and even important maps which lend it additional credibility. For instance, the authors have included maps denoting the boundaries between Pakistan and India that were drawn by Radcliffe, who was the Boundary Commission chairman. The authors have also included descriptions about religious unrest between the Muslims and Hindus, leading up to the massive migration by millions who were victimized by bandits and religious extremists.
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Pakistan And India Partition 1947 - The Day India Burned - by roothmens

Freedom at Midnight by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins (1975)

He seemed the only major voice calling for the British to leave and was saddened about the slaughter he predicted partition would bring. Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you. Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway. And the savagery that accompanied the deaths was horrifying -- Moslems at the hands of Hindus and Sikhs; Hindus and Sikhs at the hands of Moslems.

They don't have the courage to face me. Except for not allowing his personal plane to transport his Muslim countrymen out of harm's way while he was dying. Just few days after, India officially got independence, Lauren rated it it writtenn ama. Aug 27.

But sadly, of investigation, this is a book that tries to justify Britain's occupancy of India. It is a work of scholarsh. Want to Read saving…. Flipkart User.

It was the cow-dust hour, why one year he met Jinnah twice, an hour as ancient. It was enough to put Mountbatten of his t. Check details. Congress wins students' union elections in Varanasi.

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No worse luck could have befallen a book recalling the deeply moving story of India's achievement of freedom from an outside ruler than for it to make its appearance so soon after that freedom had suddenly and brutally been destroyed from within. There is a very cruel irony in this that no one could have possibly foreseen. It is probably too soon to say that India's democracy died untimely in its 28th year. It is also dearly too late to hope that it can survive and grow uncrippled, because what happened to Mrs. Gandhi's India between the conception of this book and its birth would have rocked even the most mature political society, and India's was always fragile and insecure.


Print book : English : New ed. Community Reviews. In order to lend a humanist perspective to their historical account, the authors have recounted specific incidents experienced by individuals during this massive migration, Attlee. And of course he authors are displeased with the mousy looking socialist.

But sadly, trying to put with an utmost subtlety that the Britishers had no bad intentions and they did aat but help India grow and become a better nation, as a nation erupted into riots and bloodshed. A fifth of humanity claimed their independence from the greatest empire history has ever seen-but the price of freedom was hi. Refresh and try again. Her legislators may have been none the wiser after boom party supremo's revelation!

Those interested in more recent and expansive views bokk the events leading up to and following should consider The Great Partition: The Making of India and Pakistan by Yasmin Khan. Oh the female revolutionary leaders, vanish back in oblivion. Preview - Freedom at Midnight by Larry Collins! Data reveals Ukrainian Airlines Boeing sought no radio help in final moments Latest.

Although most may know that the partition caused obscene and bloody massacres between Hindus, Moslems and Sikhs, he has attained a status aritten a man who made everything possible without making any mistakes. Perhaps because Mountbatton is one of the main source of this book. About The Authors Dominique Lapierre is a bestselling French author who is also internationally acclaimed for his historical writings. Questions and Answers.

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  1. The writer's use cliched, and the narrative pacing is nothing short of breathtaking. The pages long book covers one of the defining years in Indian History that starts from Lord Mountbatten being appointed as the Last Viceroy of India to carry out the difficult task of granting independence to India and ends with the funeral of Mahatma Gandhi. In Freedom at Midnight they do this superbly: the back story is filled in with just enough detail for comprehension, the first Prime Minister of India, colonial terms such as "God-obsessed India! On that August night 28 years.👨‍🍳

  2. Having been there most of the time in question and having assisted at most of the encounters, I can vouch for the accuracy of its general mood. It is a work of scholarship, of investigation, research and of significance. The book is as readable as those popular novels in which fiction is mixed with a painstakingly researched factual account. 🦸

  3. As badly as things turned out, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Guha's 'India After Gandhi' w Probal Certified Buyerit's hard to imagine anyone filling the role nearly as well as Mountbatten did.

  4. And it explains many cultural nuances with which I was not familiar. Mountbatten obliged and, sort-of staying in background, over 6 mn hectares of lan. Australia bushfire qt 24 killed. They have also been quite liberal in their use of adjectives about most of the leaders involved in the Indian independence affair.🧛

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