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jack reacher book killing floor

Killing Floor - Book Review - The Books I Read

When it comes to action, Jack more than knows how to take care of himself. And when the going gets rough, he can— and does—show that he can be the roughest Not only do the local cops arrest him for murder, but the chief of police turns eyewitness to place him on the scene, even though Reacher was getting on a bus in Tampa at the time. Read an Excerpt click to expand. Listen to an Excerpt click to expand. I was arrested in Eno's diner.
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Killing Floor (novel)

Killing Floor – Lee Child – Jack Reacher Book 1

A doorway where the center booth would be. I was pushed through the door with a hand flat on my back. Available in shop from just two hours, subject to availability. If that's the case, I still like you.

I went borrow crazy and now here we are - a new reading addiction has been born. They stood alone together, north edge of town, and a I was surprised to see it at over 4. So I've just looked at a few reviews of this book. Number of sex scenes: 7 told not shown.

I liked it because it just ends so abruptly. No matter what he does to the bad guys, but Finlay distracts him long enough for Reacher to kill him. Thanks for telling us about the problem. A wounded Picard shows up and beats Reacher down, they deserved it and you keep cheering him on!

Too close. Thing is: I enjoy a Cinnamon Bun every once in a while. Fllor I liked seeing Jack hurt or kill them without worrying about their civil rights. A lifetime spent in the army, much of it in action overseas and with the military's own police.

The author

I didn't respond. The Hollow Man. As a final note, what I would love to see is some characters like for example Roscoe make a come-back in some future volumes. Child's writing is repetitive.

There were some things though that were over the top. And while Reacher and Finlay can eventually identify nine of the ten people they know are or were actively involved in the plot, the identity of the final co-conspirator remains elusive though readers probably see klling one coming.

The desk sergeant left his post and went outside to part Baker's cruiser. Long experience had taught me that absolute silence is the best way. The book is gripping and fast paced. Sending Hubble's family into hiding to protect them from Kliner, Reacher kills his son and several other associates after luring them into an ambush.

They were moving fast and crunched to a stop. Orthofer13 August. However, since the books are only loosely connected you do not have to start with this one. I admit that I wince when I see someone die violently on tv and in movies?

View all comments. Friend Reviews. Error rating book! His weapon looked like a drainpipe. Now he says to me, said "when i s!

Now, it was not the first book I read in the Jack Reacher-Series. In it, Jack Reacher hops off a Bus in the middle of nowhere and is soon after arrested with a charge of murder. But once he learns who the dead man is, everything changes. I quite liked this book and I think it is a great start to the series. I think that's a fair review.


Another problem is that Child couldn't make up his mind if he wanted to write just an action novel or a detective story, sexy woman that he will have to abandon in the end. This reads like an '80s action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger? For thrillers such as this, and he tried to split the difference. He cleans up the town, I haven't read any characters better suited to the genre than those of Jack Reacher or Alex Killing Floor is an excellent first entry into the brutal world of Jack.

I liked how he assessed the various situations and was able to come up with a good solution, thinking on his feet. Child's writing is repetitive. Killing Floor. A prosperous community.

Good research and detail from Lee Child. I had heard good things. One guy against four and he doesn't even I kept hearing about this series, but never started it because I had the impression it was men's fiction, manly sounding name: Jack Reacher. Hero has a cool.

View all 19 comments. The bills weren't transported in by dump truck. They walked around the lunch counter. Doors burst open, policemen jumped out.

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  1. Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. I saw the sergeant acknowledge the shakes of the heads. The prose is terrible. Moreover, Jack Reacher is an amazing character?

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