Fidic silver book epc turnkey contract

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fidic silver book epc turnkey contract

FIDIC Silver Book | FIDIC

Construction law practitioners around the world had been eagerly looking forward to this early Christmas gift as the previous versions dated from While some typical aspects of the FIDIC contracts such as the allocation of risks and obligations between the parties have remained largely the same, some of the changes deserve a closer look. The forms of contract offered by FIDIC are used by public and private employers around the world As a result, they have contributed to a large extent to the harmonization of contracting in the construction sector. The different forms are named by reference to the color of their cover. Probably the most well-known are:. With the editions, FIDIC wished to tackle a number of issues which the previous versions had been criticized on in the past.
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The Silver Book

Practical Law

The Defects Notification Period is to be stated in the Contract Data as a number of days, to which is conrtact any extensions under Sub-Clause Sub-Clause. The problem is that they did so without allowing sufficient time at tender stage and certainly without accepting the cost premium attached to this significant risk. South Korea.

The Contractor shall appoint the natural persons named in the Tender to the positions of Key Personnel. Reporting shall continue until the Date of Completion of the Works or, the date on which. In the event that a Party fails to comply with an agreement of the Parties under this Sub-Clause 3. Obok means that particular attention should be given first of all to what it fidiic stated in the Contract and in the technical specifications.

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The updated editions include updated documents such as Letters of Tender and Acceptance. The new requirements do require the Contractor to carry professional indemnity insurance for the fitness for purpose indemnity. The dispute resolution provisions of the White Book have always differed sharply from those found in the construction contracts. First of all, the editions aim to provide greater detail on the process in relation to notices and communications.

Cap on adjustments to the Contract Price To obtain almost a guarantee of certainty with the Contract Price, i, save for adjustments resulting from changes in legislation under Sub-Clause Under the Fifth E. NOD under Sub-Clause 3. The concept is that the Employer obtains a fully functioning facili.

Completion under Sub-Clause 8. Marketing by Unity Online. During and for the immediate future, the principal FIDIC contracts are in a state of transition. The Contractor shall promptly forward to the Employer duly certified reports of the tests.

FIDIC has also taken the opportunity to address what has silevr known as the Persero issue, after litigation in the Singapore courts. To the extent that:. If not so named, or if an appointed person fails to act in the relevant position of Key Personnel. The Contractor shall also provide any further details that the Employer may reasonably require.

For the purposes of this article, our comments relate to the use of the Silver Book in that context, rather than applying more generally to all uses of the Silver Book, although a number of our comments will also apply to other geographies and sectors, and where construction is being financed other than by limited recourse debt. The Silver Book represents a turnkey, fixed price, lump sum arrangement, whereby the contractor assumes the majority of key construction risks. It is recognisable to the vast majority of the international contracting community, and has thus gained a foothold as a useful template on which to base an EPC contract. The contractor assumes the majority of risk on key matters such as design, specifications, time, price, site conditions and certain unforeseen risks. This sets it apart from the Red and Yellow Books, where the Employer retains a number of these key risks, in line with the purpose and scope for which the contract is being used. The difference in risk allocation between the FIDIC suite of contracts has been reflected in the market by differential pricing even taking into account the differences in scope for which the different Books were designed , namely, a contractor bidding under a Red Book risk profile is likely to offer a lower price than for a Silver Book risk profile. In project financed transactions, the preference for a Silver Book allocation has arisen from the need to ensure price and completion date certainty given that the project SPV generally does not have a balance sheet capable of absorbing cost increases beyond levels covered by its committed financial resources.


Sub-Clause 3. Indeed, and which are often more intricate than the new drafting proposed in the Silver Book. The Employer turnkry keep a record of each management meeting and supply copies of the record to those attending. Search inside document.

Finance and Banking. The Employer shall indemnify and hold the Contractor harmless against and from all damages, losses and expenses including legal fees and expenses resulting from a claim under the Performance Security to the extent that the Employer tunkey not entitled to make the claim. Sub-Clause Each instruction shall state the obligation s to which it relates and the Sub-Clause.

Sub-Clause Government, shall be addressed to the Employer and shall include:. This letter shall be signed by all the persons who are members of the JV, Public Sector. Any amount which is received by the Employer under the Performance Security shall be taken into account:.

We would be very happy to assist you with this analysis when drafting the particular conditions for your FIDIC contract. In terms of extent of usage it cannot, be regarded as the equivalent of the Red, howev. Parties present ! The charts are illustrati.

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  1. This manual shall be in addition to any trnkey similar document required under applicable health and safety regulations and Laws. During and for the immediate future, the principal FIDIC contracts are in a state of transition. If the Contractor causes any delay to specified tests including varied or additional tests and such delay causes the Employer to incur costs, the percentage rate stated in the Contract Data shall be applied.

  2. FIDIC - Conditions of Contract for EPC-Turnkey They have often irreverently taken the FIDIC Red or Yellow Books and altered.

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