Who is the father of english essay

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who is the father of english essay

Who was Francis Bacon and what was his contribution to English Literature?

His works are credited with developing the scientific method and remained influential through the scientific revolution. Bacon has been called the father of empiricism. Most importantly, he argued science could be achieved by use of a sceptical and methodical approach whereby scientists aim to avoid misleading themselves. Although his practical ideas about such a method, the Baconian method , did not have a long-lasting influence, the general idea of the importance and possibility of a sceptical methodology makes Bacon the father of the scientific method. This method was a new rhetorical and theoretical framework for science, the practical details of which are still central in debates about science and methodology.
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Geoffrey Chaucer - the Father of English Literature - MA English - PU - Amin Baig


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His approach to learning reshaped the Western view of knowledge theory from an individual to a social interest. In fact, Bacon's essays englisb a close imprint of his personality. WordPress Shortcode! Currently he is working as Professor of English at Govt.

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By Hareshwar Roy November 25, He remains for the sheer mass and weight of genius. His essays introduce a new form of composition into English literature. It grew to thirty-eight in the edition of The number reached fifty-eight in the final issue of


It was also at Cambridge that Bacon first met Queen Elizabethwho was impressed by his precocious intellect, D'Ewes discusses Bacon's love for his Welsh serving-men. No Downloads! When an experiment happens, parts of the tested hypothesis are started to be pieced together. In his Autobiography and Corresponden.

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