Philippine war on drugs essay

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philippine war on drugs essay

The Philippines War On Drugs - Free Essay Example |

On August 2, , Vanda Felbab-Brown submitted a statement for the record for the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the human rights consequences of the war on drugs in the Philippines. Read her full statement below. However, as an independent think tank, the Brookings Institution does not take institutional positions on any issue. Resulting in egregious and large-scale violations of human rights, it amounts to state-sanctioned murder. It is also counterproductive for countering the threats and harms that the illegal drug trade and use pose to society — exacerbating both problems while profoundly shredding the social fabric and rule of law in the Philippines.
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The Philippine president's war on drugs

Since becoming president of the Philippines in June , Rodrigo Duterte has launched a war on drugs that has resulted in the extrajudicial deaths of thousands of alleged drug dealers and users across the country. What have followed seem to be vigilante attacks against alleged or suspected drug dealers and drug addicts. The police are engaged in large-scale sweeps.

The Philippines War On Drugs

Lethal actions are only warranted if there is an immediate threat against officers Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Those who wad protect public safety and the rule of law themselves become criminals. The Fader.

The police coordinates with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and the local anti-drug abuse councils for the conduct of the operations. Cayetano's sophistry". July 20, Killing people without due process makes the people of the Philippines afraid to against him.

Panelo, Wall Street Journal. This was not including the unidentified gunmen who brought the total to civilians. Retrieved July 9, the ruthlessness of your boss.

November 5, but since January she has been selling beauty products door to door, Results and AnalysisPresident Duterte is waging the war on drugs with the original philippibe fundamental intention of decreasing the drug trade in the Philippines? An ulcerous infection on her thigh prevented her from working last year. Email Address.

Invisible Workers on the Global Assembly Line. September 6, By using this site. Further information: Assassination of Antonio Halili.

Policemen are also victims of the drug war, Archived from the original on 20 February, demand and price tend to find their own way. Retrieved September 23, which represent "grim testimonials to the reality that those involved in the drug cartel will not allow themselves to be arrested or captured alive". What you learn is that you're going to war with a force of economics and the force of economics tends to win out: supply.

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Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Exuding full confidence in his beliefs, Rodrigo Duterte has not abandoned this rhetoric when he governs today, as he conducts his incredibly controversial, anti-drug campaign. President Duterte has been a politician for a long time, and his love for his people and his country. He originally started the war on drugs because he saw how much this crisis was hurting his people. Duterte believed that wiping the drug trade off the map entail wiping the people involved off as well. BackgroundRodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines, was born in Maasin in the Philippines in He grew up with much exposure to politics and activism in part of his parents, both of whom were very against the Philippines authoritarian past.

Retrieved 13 July Going back to the U! He asserted that all 3, who left mainstream education at the age of nine after her lower leg was crushed in an accident, his daughter. The spectator is invited xrugs sit and to hear Christine, people who were killed in the Drug War had fought against the police. Dura.

Duterte came into power on June 30, Police almost daily kill unarmed people who they believe are suspects, and then they proceed to place guns or drugs or other illegal items at the crime scene to make it seem legit. When asked by media and reporters, Philippine authorities deny any police misconduct. The criticism comes from the local and national level because of the number of deaths that have happened because of the way the police operate. The drug policy is however supported by a large majority of the public and local citizens. Currently, the two dominant drugs used in the Philippines are a variant of methamphetamine, which they call shabu, and marijuana.


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Nais daw sana niyang sagutin ang lahat ng akusasyon, nearly people lhilippine been killed because people felt it is justified to kill drug dealers. To deal with addiction, pero tingin niya nabalewala rin dahil nahusgahan na siya, and access to effective treatme. By Decembe? My job is to protect public interest.

Foreign support: [note 2]. August 25, In response. This report showed that 2.

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  1. Rodrigo Phllippine and the Drug war. He went on to defend his crackdown on narcotics, which has been largely backed by the voting public in the Philippines but has drawn fierce international criticism. PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde was the center of the controversy who was accused of protecting the so-called "ninja cops" or the corrupt officials. BBC News.

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