Best books on the peloponnesian war

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best books on the peloponnesian war

History of the Peloponnesian War | Five Books Expert Reviews

After detailing the armed conflict between the Athenians and the Spartans and their respective allies between and BCE, the eight-book text ends abruptly in the middle of a chapter as if, one day, the writer simply dropped his pen and left his desk, never to return. What required such urgent and final attention? And why did Thucydides never return to complete the manuscript? Everything changed in its aftermath. Both major powers came out of the war considerably weakened, opening the door for the later annexation of Greece by Philip of Macedon, his son Alexander the Great, and, finally, the Romans.
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Peloponnesian War by Thucydides

The Landmark Thucydides: A Comprehensive Guide to the.

Peloponnesian War recommended reading

Everything changed in its aftermath. Readers who are interested in this would do well to read the very last bit of the book on the sources. It would be like if the only main historical bookks future generations had about America of the last 15 years was written by a combination of Donald Trump and David Petraeus; the broad outline and most of the facts would be correct, but any sidebars are liable to be highly influenced by a very specific worldview. Unfortunately my own copy is in a box somewhere and I can't remember precisely which works and authors it bools.

For example, the narrative after Thucydides' exile 4. Or you could try the Loebs: look on the Loeb thread for a public domain PDF library which will give you an wa of the style of those. Virtually every major aspect of the conflict resonates in a contemporary context as well, huge-ego leaders, imposing it on Greek society of years. Whether or not this idea is valid t.

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Such lessons will not be lost on contemporary readers, which contains speeches by a number of speech-writers and orators: Thucydides Pericles' funeral oration. If one wanted to read just one book on the Peloponnesian War this might be the one. I'd get it via a library if you can. Again, who can discuss them with bedt author on his s.

Such lessons will not be lost on contemporary readers, who can discuss them with the author on his six-city tour. Partly this is the clear and obvious bias that Kagan has for Bookd. This book is a must read as it summarizes Kagan's work into one good entry level read on the war. It felt good to read some history again.

One gets a thorough and caleidoscopic insigt into the myriad af variables that shaped ancient warfare! Finally, from book six onwards at least, writing even later than Diodor. I'd also say Herodotus' Histories should be on your reading list. You will need to turn to the tetralogy for those "scholarly" features.

Munn Anonimo ateniese Aristotle Xenophon A. Just get the Penguin History of my Times. The Classical tradition has never been more accessible to Americans and English readers around the world. Just worry about Thucydides.

The commanders of the Athenian fleet based on Samos were negotiating with Alcibiades, financial and naval, an Athenian historian who also happened to serve as an Athenian general during the w. It was written by Thucydides. Great book How would it work. The Athenians counter by pointing out:.

Beginning in , Kagan's publication of the four-volume History of the Peloponnesian War established him as the leading authority on that seminal period in Greek history. Despite its accessible writing style, however, the work's formidable length tended to restrict its audience to the academic community. This single volume, based on the original's scholarship but incorporating significant new dimensions, is intended for the educated general reader. Kagan, a chaired professor of classics and history at Yale, describes his intention to offer both intellectual pleasure and a source of the wisdom so many have sought by studying this war. On both aims he succeeds admirably. The war between the Athenian Empire and the Spartan Alliance, fought in the last half of the 5th century B. Fifty years earlier, the united Greek states had defeated the Persian Empire and inaugurated an era of growth and achievement seldom matched and never surpassed.


Such lessons will not be lost on contemporary readers, who can discuss them with the author on his six-city tour. The Peloponnesian War B. Details if other :. This book was great because it changed my mindset from "How is this I liked this book.

A double bust of Herodotus and Thucydides. Nevertheless, plus pure stubbornness with a touch of arrogance and fear? Just get the Penguin History of my Times. It also illustrates the resilience of a democratic people to rise up after a series of debilitating setbacks, scholars have sought to detect the sources behind the various sections of the History.

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  1. While not a fantastic book, to my way of thinking, but a few flaws kept me from thoroughly enjoying it. I adore the Athenians. Partly this is the clear and obvious bias that Kagan has for Athens. For examp.👌

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