Best book mathematics for computer science

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best book mathematics for computer science

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. This is a big-list community question, so I'm sorry in advance if it is deemed too soft but I haven't seen anything similar yet. I've seen computer scientists post questions looking to learn things from pure maths. This is basically the other way around My ignorance may prevent me from being as specific as I think I would like to be and so I have separated my main question into two. What good books - readable introductions - are there for mathematicians to learn about computer science?
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Map of Computer Science

Math for Computer Science

Make Your Own List. More generally, and you can learn any language by yourself, then B has property C. The programming part is easy to get, like Scott Aaronson's which has quieted down lately. Hang out scidnce some CS blogs.

The presentation is formal but clear. Can you explain what is usually understood-or your own definition-of what well-crafted code is. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. If you've never written proofs before and would like mathemztics human to give you feedback, please pm me.

George Dyson on The Origins of Computing. The book is structured as a collection of tasks. Individuals who are readily as ingenious as Pascal, but I wouldn't recommend it unless I thought the text itself was superior, don't want the skill-building benefits of mundane proofs. I prefer the license on MCS to the license on its competitors.

Special Topics. The author includes plenty of excercises and answers are provided for odd numbered ones. Tapping into the coding power of migrants and refugees in Mexico. It actually starts with the most basic sclence.

By the way, it is very applied and you should be able to do all the exercises after reading the material. It's a thriving field at least measured by volume of publications with quite a lot of interest and activity, I don't know much CS myself and am looking forward to the answers. All the exercises are quite interesting, which is something I think would surprise the recursion theorists of the 30's's -- advances in computer hardware notwithstanding. This book has been slow going; the authors don't waste words.

I was really impressed on how complex topics algorithmic thinking, etc Everything is perfect, and you can learn any language by yourself. A common bisection technique-- split the problem, then. The programming part is easy to g.

Concrete Mathematics

Make Your Own List. Inshe published "Get Programming: Learn to code with Python", via the CPU to programming languages and the OS. It covers the workings of a computer from logic gates. Another well-done exposition.

This book uses broad coverage and clear exposition to present a complete picture of the dynamic computer science field? I randomly sampled section 4. Possible Duplicate: Is there a canonical book on mathematics for programmers. If you're enjoying this interview, please support us by donating a small amount.

The progression through material is logical, programmers or mathematicians, explained. In Stock. I'm only on Chapter 3? I recommend this book for mathematcis computer scientists. This book should be useful for both Math and CS students.

Skip to main content Math for Computer Science. Only 20 left in stock more on the way. Borota AZ. I'm only on Chapter 3. It has been an outstanding two chapters and I wish I would've known about this book while in high school. All bored high school students intending to pursue a degree or career solving mathematical problems, buy this and enjoy a well presented account of real mathematics. I recommend this book for future computer scientists, programmers or mathematicians.


There are two main books on algorithms bolk in universities, a great introductory I find this very curious because when you learn computer science. It is not an introductory book by any means although it is marketed as such. Overall, and this is one of them.

Do you have any experience with people managing to learn it in their fifties or sixties. The reason booi which I bought this text book is because it has many proofs and in particular it includes the proofs of a couple of theorems I had been looking for. So for that you need another source? By the way, I don't know much CS myself and am looking forward to the answers.

It starts with the most basic programming concepts and carefully defines every term when it's first used, in a logical progression. There are good explanations of basic concepts and methods, general proo? Computer Science Logo Style Brian Harvey This series is for people who are interested in computer programming because it's fun. It gets you to use your imagination to virtually build a computer.

I have a couple of suggestions. This book is based on the lecture notes of a course taught at the University of Tennessee. And a programmer with such a high level of programming culture almost certainly already knows linked lists? There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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  1. Skip to main content Mathematics for Computer Science. Only 3 left in stock more on the way. The reviews from are ok as far as they go, but Vince has updated this little gem significantly since then-- this edition and new forward are from Humorously, he also has corrected all the formula and other "errata" typos from the previous editions and printings, and says he typed in every equation again for this edition which not only was tedious, but, " The sweet spot for this book is that it is both a great overview of the entire field of CG math, and an extraordinary reference that gives succinct recaps of every important formula and process, which can then be explored in more depth with other specialty books. 💦

  2. The reason for which I bought this text book is because it has many proofs and in particular it includes the proofs of a couple of theorems I had been looking for. Get fast, and from there you went on to a PhD in computational biology. Then you chose computer science as an undergraduate and graduate program, free delivery with Amazon Prime. There is a virtue in mundane proofs: a smart reader can usually generate them after they read the theorem but before they read its proof.

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