Best fruit cake recipe for christmas

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best fruit cake recipe for christmas

30 Best CHRISTMAS FRUITCAKE images | Christmas baking, Cake recipes, Food recipes

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a fruitcake recipe is something already prepared from the store, you're about to be wowed by these Christmas cakes. You'll never even think about buying a boxed cake again once you bake a homemade version of one of these classic holiday desserts. And your grandma will be so proud of you! Although fruitcake can be a divisive Christmas dessert due to the use of candied fruit, we promise that once you bake one of these best fruitcake recipes, you'll instantly be turned into a fruitcake fan. There are many different varieties of fruitcake on this list, whether you want something classic or a more modern version. The traditionalists out there will enjoy the old English fruitcake, brandied fruitcake, and citrus fruitcake to go with your Christmas dinner.
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Fruit Cake Recipe Demonstration -

Easy. Cuts into slices. Bake this festive fruit cake in advance of Christmas and feed it regularly with rum, brandy or whisky to build the flavour and keep it.

Traditional Christmas Fruit Cake

Lovely moist cake. Get the recipe from Rock Recipes. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Looks sooo beautiful.

Several people have asked how to put marzipan on top. Thanks Tieghan!. Comments Questions 94 Tips 5 5. Hi Dee.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a recipe review, I really really appreciate it. Fruitcake Muffins. I baked mine in a tube pan and it only needed 2 hours in the oven. Did you make this recipe.

Atta Girl Says. Pinning and hoping to get the chance to make it and introduce a new generation reccipe the beauty of fruitcake. Alcohol-Free Fruitcake. I hope I can wait while it soaks… thank you.

My first attempt at fruit cake and it was delicious. Never understood the lack of enthusiasm for them in the Chrostmas. Get the recipe from Citron Limette. Yield 24 servings.

Enjoy this post. Hope this clarifies thing and apologize for any confusion. Also - I think rum could also definitely work if you prefer that flavor! Merry Christmas.


I have just cut the cake. Czke year when I make it though - I forget to add the nuts and ginger as they are listed in the ingredients. Additional Time: 30 minutes. This prevents the top from browning too quickly but the air can still escape through the centre hole. It just tastes like a softish sheet of plain sweet frosting.

Forget everything you thought you felt about fruitcake. These twists on the Christmas classic will have you going in for seconds, and wanting to bake it more than once a year. Looking for more classic Christmas desserts? Try our best holiday cookie recipes. Get the recipe from Delish. This sweet and decadent cake is stuffed with dried fruits and nuts—with no gluten in sight.


Hi, as long as you wrap it carefully to protect the glaze. Yours looks sooo good. Hannah - November 24, made this tonight and it smells delicious. I think it would be a great cake for shipping, am.

Try our best holiday cookie recipes. Thank you - that worked great. A few days or a week would probably work as well - but it can also be stored for a very long time too. Should I try to reheat it, rdcipe just put the syrup on cold.

Doug in Rhode Island. Courtesy of Wonky Wonderful. Beautiful photos and well written post. Print 6?

Related Posts Christmas Cookies. It really depends on your taste preference - if you enjoy triple sec orangethat might be fhristmas you. Gingerbread Topped Fruitcake. Fruitcake Bars.

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  1. Kudos to your mother and you for sharing with us. I am assuming you use a sweet sherry for this recipe. Lovely moist cake. Reply Demeter December 2, at am This has totally changed my opinion of fruitcake.🦸

  2. As it turned out, only one part of the cake was slightly dry. Fold in the soaked fruit don't drain the candied fruits, and nuts. Is there any way to save it! This cake is lightly adapted from their Orange Cranberry Nut Fruitcake.

  3. BTW, I doubled the soaking amount out of neurosis and fear. Get the recipe at Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice. Sheet Christmae Peppers and Brats September 20. Get the recipe at My Evil Twin's Kitchen.

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