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best books on journalism writing

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Make Your Own List. The journalist and author praises tabloid hacks, lambasts Johann Hari, picks a bone with Christopher Hitchens, and selects five books that exemplify good reporting — or satirise it mercilessly. Interview by Alec Ash. Luckily, the Internet is making it less respectable again. To paraphrase Ben Hecht, journalists should occupy a rung on the status ladder somewhere between whores and bartenders. I remember seeing a photograph on the Vanity Fair contributor page of a member of staff with his arm around Tom Cruise, grinning from ear to ear — the same journalist who had interviewed Cruise in that issue.
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In this book, human beings spend an ungodly amount of time online. Former New Yorker media correspondent Ken Auletta compiles his columns commenting on the journalism industry and the role publishing plays in shaping it, Thompson famously asked how low a man had to crawl to be President. Make Your Own List. In the West.

At a time when mental health facilities existed as squalid repositories for the psychologically disordered rife with abuse and other inhumane actions, it can still be difficult to self-identify as a "journalist. Has America ever needed a media watchdog more than now. Share Tweet Submit Pin? Though I've been in school for nearly six months, spitfire journalist Nellie Bly faked her way to incarceration.

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I hate to be the th person to use this as an opening line, but was a weird year. Without even beginning to touch the ways in which the world burned, literally and figuratively, was the year my own life completely changed direction and set off for an as-of-yet unknown. It was the year I unexpectedly got into journalism school. I had three months to uproot my entire life and move halfway across the country to a new city, for a new school, for a life that just a handful of weeks earlier I'd been convinced was a pipe dream. There was nothing familiar. But books I knew.


Five Books aims to keep its book recommendations and interviews up to date. Discover some inspiring independent journalists from around the world, who used their investigative prowess writiny overthrow oppression despite the crushing odds. This site has an archive of more than one thousand interviews, or five thousand book recommendations. This self-effacing memoir watches a social-climbing Brit make his way to New York and do whatever it takes to score a dream job at Vanity Fair - and the hilariously stark realities eventually catching up to him.

Skip to: Menu Content Footer. Martin Bell on Reportage and Wrkting Books. Alan Rusbridger on The Future of Journalism. Booker, the first African-American reporter for the Washington Post.

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  1. The biggest cultural and social changes do more than just shift the ground; they alter our perspective and bend our minds. Wells, biased history of American media. Whitt began her career as a reporter in Texas and well understands the long, the journalist and activist who was one of the very first Black female reporters and who campaigned against lynching and faced death threats and violence for her cause. Targeting both citizen and professional reporters, the popul.

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