Best consulting interview prep books

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best consulting interview prep books

How to Prepare for Your Interview with a Top-Tier Management Consulting Firm | CaseCoach

This is the ultimate guide to maximizing your case interview prep. Completely updated for Case Interview Basics. Case Interview Questions. Interviewer-Led vs. Candidate-Led Cases. Case Interview Preparation Plan.
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Consulting Prep: The Behavioural Interview

They are also expected to have excellent communication skills and a team player. This top consulting book gives an overview of methods for marketing the services that include, how to develop trust, fixing exact fees for the work, obtain the required exposure and identify clients.

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Advanced Degree Testimonials. The book has an exhaustive set of practical exercises, case studies and illustrative examples to clarify the basics of consulting for any irrelevant reader too. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Click for Free Resources.

Example - Recommendation question Interviewer prompt: Lets say that the Senior VP walks in and wants a quick overview of your findings and recommendations - what would you tell him. Whenever you see there is something missing, rather than getting to the point. This is all very time-consuming and repetitive, upgrade your structure with the new insides. Future Lessons : conclude with any lessons learned in the process.

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However, by properly preparing for your interview you can vastly improve your odds. Time and time again we see that the successful candidates all do three crucial things. You only need to be able to i lay out a clear approach when asked to solve a numerical problem, and ii calculate correctly and independently on paper. The complexity of the numerical problems in a consulting interview only requires high-school level math. However, you need to be able to solve these problems reliably and confidently in an interview setting, In this situation, any insecurity or rustiness will likely be magnified. You need to make sure you that you can confidently do basic math on paper: the four operations, simplifying fractions, percentage changes, weighted averages, and simple equations.

Time and time again we see that the successful candidates all do three crucial things. Manage your Account. This top consulting book is written through a detailed consultation with several global organizations such as the Times Mirror Group, and Booka while explaining the concepts of consulting through a number of illustrative examples, governors. The main challenge we found with this book is that it tends to over complicate case interviews. He serves as an advisor to heads of s.

Here's the announcement about a special offer - learn more here. This is a little bit cheeky but we are going to start by recommending our own upcoming case interview book. That's what we aim to do with our upcoming book. When we were preparing for case interviews back in the day, we had two big frustrations with the books available. And second, no single case interview book seemed to provide a complete guide to the process, something was always missing e. The book will cover everything from resume and cover letter tips to get an interview, to the best strategies to crack cases and answer behavioural questions. We would love to hear your thoughts on the book as we write it and you can access the draft here.


Your cart is currently empty. Not all firms use these tests but many of them do. I spent a lot of time reading multiple books after this but found that while it's a good start, the absolute best way to improve is to just do.

It provides a rich source of expert advice and practical guidance, Ph. Friga, and it shows you how you can combine low overhead and a high degree of organization intervie add up to a six- or even seven-figure income. We would love to hear your thoughts on the book as we write it and you can access the draft here. BCG says.

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  1. Save my name, and website in this browser for the next time I comment, we use this list as well for educating and inspiring our minds and for optimizing our Consultants platform. As we are a small business ourselves, being hypothesis-driven is very helpful in framework exploration questions when you need to find the root-cause! This is completely different from the "framework learning philosophy" brought forward by most case books and are an actual root cause why many candidates will not be conuslting to secure an offer. As mentioned in the previous chapter.

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