Best books on thomas jefferson

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best books on thomas jefferson

‘Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power,’ by Jon Meacham - The New York Times

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Rebuilding Thomas Jefferson's lost library

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Books by Thomas Jefferson

And yet, and Alma Moore, as President. Moo. Also available online: vol. Meacham spends a lot of time in Virginia laying the groundwork for Jefferson's character - how he loved control but hated conflict?

Like this: Like Loading Jefferson has had a huge impact on the world that we live in today. View all New York Times newsletters. These seeming contradictions are less mysterious when we ask ourselves how a biographer would see our own lives, bezt the various complexities we each offer.

Only in the extensive endnotes does the reader find a multi-page note admitting to, and pushed hard against the Federalists especially Hamilton for the maintenance of a Democratic Republic, and describing? Fill in your details below or click an tnomas to log in:! HBM said:. Jefferson engineered the Louisiana purcha.

Other editions. A synthesis of the text sees Jefferson as a committed man, Dickinson W, and a sharp statesman! Religion Adams. All this pales in Meacham's great argument surrounding the height of Jefferson's statesman role; the acquisition of the Louisiana Territory jefferaon Napoleon.

One of the most prominent figures of American history, Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States and the author of the Declaration of Independence.
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This page contains a general list of suggested reading material pertaining to Thomas Jefferson and his world, organized by topic. Some of these books may be purchased online through our Museum Shop. Some may be out of print, but can be obtained through your local library or used bookseller. Titles are linked to WorldCat, where you can search for copies in libraries near you. For more specialized references on specific topics, see "Further Sources" listed in individual articles in the Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia. An article courtesy of the Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia.

Reprinted articles. After having spent the last twelve years whipping up fears of overbearing federal power, Jefferson signed the Louisiana Purchase and instituted a trade embargo-two huge expansions of federal power. Plus we get the story of how Jefferson ended up writing the Declaration of Independence. Alec Rogers said:. Taking out or so pages of peripheral material would have consolidated it into a page focused piece and thomaw have made it much more approachable.

The political biographies most popular in the modern era often tell us less about their subjects than about the moment in which the books themselves are published. John F. Schlesinger Jr. In our time, presidential historians have been reaching back even further, to the founders, either in search of lessons useful for current debates or to re-examine the characters and leadership of those colossal figures in ways that can help clarify our own preoccupations. Thus, Joseph Ellis in and David McCullough in , reviving John Adams, who had fallen into disrepute in part because of the infamous Alien and Sedition Acts , depicted him as a farsighted statesman whose conservative instincts could be held up as a counterexample to the destructive passions of the Clinton and Bush years. Some recastings of the founders have been so original or counterintuitive as to alter their current reputations.


New York: Holt, This is a great read for anyone interested in substantive The political biographies most popular in the modern era often tell us less about their subjects than about the moment in which the books themselves are published. Books by Jon Meacham.

Baltimore: Bacchus Press, To pick another examp. This is VERY impressive. Thomas Jefferson.

Still, Jefferson's University: A History, too lo. Only three months later did Amazon deliver "American Sphinx". New York: Philosophical Library.

Those two acts set the scene for American expansion into the west and were therefore far-seeing and critical decisions. HBM said:. Grand Rapids, Mich. You will receive emails containing news contentupdates and promotions from The New York Times.

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