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best leaving cert revision books

Best Learning Apps for Leaving Cert Students -

There are many services and apps out there that promise to teach you all you need to know about a subject but which ones are worth dedicating your time towards? There are additional materials and notes you can purchase as well should you need extra help. Source: Mocks. Despite it being focused on the US curriculum, Khan Academy allows you access to more than 4, videos covering a wide range of subjects and topics. Certainly handy if you want to learn about something in greater detail.
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Photosynthesis-Summary Irish Leaving Cert-Only-(Ireland)

Revision Guides - Leaving Cert

Try to engage with the language and make your own points, even if the interpretation is the same. Some really excellent demonstrations on youtube too. For instance no matter how many articles, you will have to compose something from scratch. Did you look at any websites that you found useful.

Aoife March. Your notes are very clear and show me what I need to know. Thanks in advance. Also my Christmas exams are on Monday.

This might sound like it takes bdst while! Cheers Jane Nov Best regards, Enda Dec Read through what I have written above about doing every question for a topic and then marking them.

Get into a regular study routine and stick to it. Again a big thank you. Having said that, do not use the programme go actually translate - only to pronounce.


If you were getting lower grades I would give you more general advice because you would need to improve in your overall approach presumably. The key thing is to focus on a character and how they change. In addition they work as shop assistants, why spend so much time on them, and retail managers. Revisionn they are not worth counting as study! I know teachers always play this down but I found knowing my grammar really empowering becasue I felt confident forming sentences myself.

While everything he said is still valid and I would recommend reading it — I know I did many times! I can give some. I also went to an Easter course for maths and had grinds in English if you want advice on extra classes. For now, I just have three things to say:. Did you study Irish this way? Have you any tips? This is especially important for languages.


Hi Ollie, well done you did superb!? Every day, one month be. What would you recommend. Your Email optional.

I cannot recommend working with classmates enough in maths. Chemistry experiments seem daunting at first because the cery seem to come out of nowhere? It scares and haunts me from day to day why I am becoming demotivated even when I want and I sit down to bdst I am missing this spark or this shine and this urge to study? Map out when you are going to do each section How much time to spend on homework vs study How to not forget what you learnt, go off point and waste time doing busy work.

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  1. I made this mistake and found them impossible at first. Keep up the good work. AM has one of the highest failure rates of any LC subject, but also one of the highest rates of honours. Common mistakes are thinking:.

  2. My tutor and I went through past papers with the three essays Bools had learnt off. Fifth year is a time to find study techniques that suit you and to train yourself into the routine of studying for a few hours each day. I have referred it on to my other physics colleague in the school and we make great use of it. If I needed more time, I took it!

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