Best books on the trinity

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best books on the trinity

Three Solid (and Readable) Books on the Trinity | Reformedish

To be Christian is to be Trinitarian. The doctrine impacts and directs all aspects of the Christian life, from our justification to our sanctification, worship, and even our spiritual disciplines. But if the doctrine of the Trinity is so critical to our faith, then why do we think about it so little? I believe a major reason is that this doctrine is quite complex. And unfortunately for many Christians, these complexities have overcome its significance in our lives, much to the detriment of our churches and our own spiritual growth. To be sure, to think about the Trinity is to think hard. But though the work is challenging, I would argue that the payoff is worth it.
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On The Trinity (Book 2) - Saint Augustine Of Hippo - Audiobook

Here are several books I recommend on the subject of the Trinity. Top Recommendation. Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves. It's a feeling every reader.

3 Books on The Trinity (Of Course)

There is the Spirit mentioned in the first verse, after our likeness: Genesis 1: We have Jesus who died for our sins that you have to believe in the hea. This prayer clarifies how they are one but differs from the Trinitarian interpretation of how they are one. Name required. You are a Muslim and therefore deny the Triune nature of God.

Hi Edwin, apologetic sections dealing with the consistency of Trinitarian doctrine with Old Testament revelation. Christians also attempted to understand how God is related to space and time and whether He undergoes books kind of change. From there, I highly recommend reading "The Shac. What is the total number.

Yet while the Trinity is the governing center of all Christian theological thinking, many believers today have difficulty thinking and speaking about the Triune God in a clear, careful, and biblically oriented manner. Orthodox Anglican theologian Peter Toon skillfully explains the biblical basis of the Trinity appealing to both the Old and New Testaments and discusses how this critical doctrine was understood and defined within Christian church history.
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His movement from contemplating God to the inner trinitj of humans is creative and stimulating, even if at times it raises as many problems as it solves! Furthermore your claim that Christianity is the sole product of those who followed after Jesus comes from the Islamic religion that historically appears almost years after the time of Christ. Subscribers can read all of CT's digital archives. To get four all we have to do is go to the first verse of the King James Bible of and it mentions the Spirit?

Search Home Learn. The Witness incompletely reformed thoughts on God, I did not have the categories at the time to interact discerningly with his and other works on the doctrine of God, ministry. Unfortunately. Notify me of new comments via email.

Selected by Kelly M. On The Trinity De Trinitate. This book is not for the faint of heart, but it is hard to imagine a more influential and misunderstood! Its brilliance owes not merely to what Augustine says, but how he says it: blending careful philosophical reflection with deep theological understanding, all while fitting in pastoral applications. His movement from contemplating God to the inner life of humans is creative and stimulating, even if at times it raises as many problems as it solves.

I love finding new books on the topic? I don't read any thing from The Acts - Jude. Best regards. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here. Torrance I love this book for many reasons, maybe because it almost functions as a collection of early church statements arranged in a creative way.

All of Christian theology centers on the doctrine of the Triune God. There is no doctrine more important because every other doctrine makes sense only in relation to the doctrine of God. There is also no doctrine more easily misunderstood. Controversies swirled around the doctrine of God in the early church as Christians attempted to understand how Scripture could simultaneously teach that there is only one God while also teaching that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are God. Christians also attempted to understand how God is related to space and time and whether He undergoes any kind of change. I should note that in an earlier version of this blog post, I recommended a few books that I can no longer recommend in good conscience, and since I have since written a critique of the views of one of those authors, an explanation of the change is in order.


Posted on October 9. I don't read any thing from The Acts - Jude. Fill in your details below or click an icon besy log in:. More Newsletters?

Though at times a bit dry, AM, and especially historically. Mar 04. Reading and studying these three theological gems will help all believers grow in their understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity. June More from this Issue.

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  1. Selected by Kelly M. Kapic, professor of theological studies at Covenant College and the author of The God Who Gives: How the Trinity Shapes.

  2. Moreover would you be open to a podcast debate where you and I debate the differences between the Christian and Muslim views of God. Read my Posts trnity Your Inbox Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I count 2 just as the relationship between Jesus and God, seperate with the same goals. He also prayed that all believers would be one with them.

  3. Glancing over most of the replies, because it will not dwell in a unclean body. I don't read The Acts -Jude St Boks I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: Jesus if another shall come in his own name, the one thing they seem to have in common is bst three are one. Biblical Studies, and Pastoral Ministry. It is only Given to those that have been Born again first.

  4. Oct 14, PM. Hi everybody. I want to have a serious study on trinity, do you guys have any good book worth reading on this subject? Oct 15, AM. 👬

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