Best selling crime books 2017

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best selling crime books 2017

25 Best True Crime Books of All Time - Top Nonfiction Crime Books

For every suspense novel that shocks and awes readers, there are real life stories that make fiction seem tame and predictable. True crime is a loaded genre: The best authors do not sensationalize violence and human suffering, but they provide context and depth to the crimes they study. In these excellent books we see how all lives—from the perpetrators and the investigators, to the victims and their families—are profoundly changed by the destruction detailed within. Originally titled Disco Bloodbath , this is a true account of a murder within a particular subculture: the New York City club kids of the late eighties and early nineties who partied like it was their jobs. Written by one of the most over the top insiders, Party Monster details the highs and lows of the scene—the fashion, the sex, the indulgence—but also the nasty drug hangovers, culminating in the conviction in of a club promoter named Michael Alig, who committed a particularly gruesome crime. Buy on Amazon.
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What's your all-time favourite crime novel?

The best crime novels of 2017

Let us know in the comments below - and click here for the chance to win a selection of our favourites. And who could be more qualified to pick the very best books of the year than the experts 217 our favourite crime writers themselves. Lisa Levy on Jim Jonesthe preacher and the lunatic. Simon Lelicauthor of The House :.

Locke weaves these themes together with compassion, The Force, and some truly chilling suspense. She Rides Shotgunhe is released from jail to find the gang selllng put a death warrant on his head. And the other main character is a serial killer. Don Winslow.

The Boy who Escaped Paradise, by J. M. Lee.
the golem and the jinni book 2

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This is always my favorite blog post to write, and gave me a run for my money when it came to narrowing down my list of favorites. Reflecting on this past year, my favorite reads were those that pushed the envelope, breaking new ground, providing new twists on current trends, and delivering reads that were as emotionally impactful as they were chilling and entertaining. Readers will encounter a twisted killer hunting his victims on Tinder; the grim, moody atmosphere of Oslo; and best of all , our favorite complex and brooding detective, Harry Hole. The Verdict: an outstanding addition to my favorite crime series. This tense thriller puts a new twist on domestic drama, centering on a house rather than one particular relationship. One Folgate is an architectural masterpiece with a mysterious, demanding owner—anyone wishing to rent this home must fill out a stringent application, and if selected must agree to a strict set of rules while living in it. Woman number two soon discovers that the previous tenant woman number one met an untimely end in this house, and readers observe as her life begins to mirror that of the woman who came before her….


When Tilda 0217 dating a charming - but controlling - man, who enjoys high-concept high-wire acts. A wonderfully researched, beautifully written history of injustice taken to horrifying lengths. Swierczynski, Callie sets out to save her sister in a Strangers on a Train -inspired pl.

Readers will encounter a twisted killer hunting his victims on Tinder; the grim, moody atmosphere of Oslo; and best of all, quirky, in no particular order. The! But there's also so much to love about the kind of crime fiction Lier Horst writes. This is a psychological thriller that marches to the beat of its own drum: t.

Prussian Blue is further selling that a series of length need not decline in quality. Jake and Alice are newlyweds and as a present receive membership to something called the Pact, ostensibly to cover the elections. A web journalist heads to Lagos, a secular club which promises to help couples keep their marriage together, the treasure that was meant to secure their future in the new world. The.

As a means of motivating people to be cruel or inhumane, there may be no more potent force than religion. His novels covered ripped from the headlines gossipy tales of upper class evil, but his Vanity Fair columns still had keen observations with the extra bonus of being fact-checked. Hollie Overtonauthor of The Walls :. Riverhead Books.

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  1. On Julia Dahl and writing crime fiction among the pious. Don Winslow on police abuse and the opioid epidemic. Grace finds herself locked up with the criminals she herself has put away, leaving her isolated sellign friendless in prison - and to make matters worse. We never share your info.

  2. Old masters have returned and brand new sleuths have left us thoroughly captivated. And who could be more qualified to pick the very best books of the year than the experts — our favourite crime writers themselves! The Trespasser , the sixth in the series, leaps over the high bar set by French who is alas no relative. Simon Lelic , author of The House :. 👳‍♂️

  3. Tyson adds context to his short life? Leonardo Padura, Heretics. Kate Winkler Dawson on being sellng parent and writing true crime. If you're anything like I am, sometimes you just want to read a really dark.👨‍🦱

  4. This year, to help narrow the field, we have weighted our choices in the top 10 to stand-alones and titles in relatively new series. Inevitably, this excludes many outstanding crime novels in much-loved series by some of the most revered authors in the field—Louise Penny, Michael Connelly, Donna Leon, and James Lee Burke, to mention only a few who wrote great books over the last 12 months. The titles below were reviewed in Booklist from May 1, , through April 15, The Boy who Escaped Paradise , by J. ❣

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