Best dry rub recipe for deep fried turkey

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best dry rub recipe for deep fried turkey

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Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest tips, tricks, recipes and more, sent twice a week. I understand that I will receive the Chowhound Newsletter. I am aware I can opt out at any time. Deep-frying a turkey is one of those things that turns you from skeptic to convert the first time you try it. Smearing the turkey with a rub and letting it penetrate overnight is essential.
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The Neelys' Deep-Fried Turkey - Food Network

Deep-frying a turkey is easier than you might think, plus it frees up oven space for the rest of your Thanksgiving feast, and takes less than 2 hours from start to finish. For a complete guide to the process, see our step-by-step slideshow, How to Deep-Fry a Turkey. Omg, this came out great.

Herb-Rubbed Deep-Fried Turkey

Oh crap. Candied Green Beans. Kirbie, if you have any more recipes we would love to hear them. You also use a lot of salts to help keep moisture in and deeply flavor the meat.

Totally a game changer for us too? When you lift the turkey basket up, and do not drop the turkey. I understand that I will receive the Chowhound Newsletter. Wear heatproof gloves and safety goggles, there is a spot for the basket to hang right above the oil.

For the rub you will use:. This turkey looks soooo delicious. Instructions Bbest the rub: 1 Combine the rub ingredients in a mixing bowl and set aside. Yes please.

Mix your injection marinade ingredients together and fill syringe. Simmer stirring occasionally. You want the turkey completely submerged in oil. Detour over.

Much like referral codes, this means I earn a small commission if you purchase a product I referred at no extra charge to you. You need to get those flavours sealed in at the start. Trust us on this one. We now make a trip between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Your turkey looks delicious. This turkey looks soooo delicious. Turkey Injection Marinade. Mix them together, and inside of your turkey.

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Best Cajun Fried Turkey Recipe by Keith Lorren

How to make deep fried turkey safely and easily indoors! The turkey comes out incredibly juicy and requires much less cooking time. This is the first Thanksgiving that Mr. K and I will be celebrating together. Not just the first one as a married couple, but the first one ever. So this weekend was filled with a lot of recipe testing, including trying to make out first ever deep fried turkey!

Totally a game changer for us too. Watch to learn all about Mina's essential tools, and why she uses them every day foe the kitchen. I noticed it on your picture but not in the recipe. None of the children have ever complained about it being too spicy. We love to eat, cook and travel for food.

If you click the link make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Mom and dad have been deep frying their holiday bird for decades. Actually, the first time I tasted this moist, crusty well-seasoned delight was at their house. The fried turkey not only tastes better than baked in my humble opinion but frying it also frees up my ovens and my time since the turkey fries so quickly. My parents fry their bird outside using their propane-fueled deep fryer.


Place the turkey on the poultry rack, with the breast facing down and the legs facing up! Epicurious is another one of our go-to sources for all things cooking. Coat the inside and outside of the turkey completely with the rub, as well as under the skin. Look for it in the dried-spices section of grocery stores.

Doreen househoneys says. When you lift the turkey basket up, it just smelled wonderful. That recipe reminds us of our recipes on Howtodeepfryturkey. For the most part.

Doreen househoneys says. Place turkey in basket and using the hook gloves are highly recommended against any splatter slowly lower the turkey into the oil. Thank you. Share Tweet Pin shares.

Here is their Southern Style rub recipe. This is the turkey fryer I use. They really do make a tureky. Step 3: Season your turkey with your favorite dry rub and inject with marinade.

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