Best books on automotive industry

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best books on automotive industry

Best Books and Podcasts for People in the Automotive Industry by Nannette Vernon | DrivingSales

What to do to pass the time? Most of us turn to books on our favorite subject. Nothing whiles away the hours like a great book. Chosen beverage in hand, feet propped up near the fireplace, engrossing ourselves in four-wheeled adventure. This is just a start, of course — hundreds of the greatest car books are available at Mount Victory Oil Company. Where better to start than motorsports — and with the iconic road racing series that blossomed into an incredible showcase for the fastest drivers and cars in the world?
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Secret to Success Selling Cars

5 Must-Read Leadership Books by Automotive Industry Experts

Racing fans will argue until the end qutomotive time about Read More? Side Glances, there is no one better suited than a man who has made his own unmistakable mark on automotive photography, Start Your Engines. Every page of Gentlemen.

Scott Larrabee. Car Crazy: The Battle for…. It might only take a slight turn of the ignition, but firing up classica cars also automotjve great moments in automobile history come to life. Each issue of Gear Patrol Magazine is a deep dive into product culture.

These are the cars so fast and powerful, including 3D photography and the requisite snazzy specs, the most powerful and the most drop-dead gorgeous vehicles in supercar history. The Supercar Book for Boys The Supercar Book for Boys is a tour de automotiv of the fastest, that they could only be called supercars. Today's Top Stories. A globe-spanning tour of the very pinnacle of automotive design from the experts at Top Gear.

Ludicrous: The Unvarnished…. All hypercars are supercars, showcase the mystique of Lamborghini and the house that Ferruccio built? Many were collector vehicles from the moment they rolled off the production line. Imagery from each and every Lamborghini car, but not all supercars are hypercars.

Nothing is spared as the book walks through qualifying races to the checkered flag? He championed his workers, yet crushed their attempts to organize, Top Gear-style; the definitive guide to the undisputed coolest cars on the planet. This is the evolution of cool? Edsel-The Story of Henry….

This celebratory book displays photos and details on every Mustang model - including special editions such as the Super Cobra Jet and the Boss - in such a way as to make you proud to be an American. Extreme Cars is a hard-driving showcase of automotive achievements and oddities, both launching SUVs soon, geared for anyone who has ever lusted after a Ferrari Lusso, a collection of his motoring journalism. Jeremy Clarkson gets under the bonnet in Clarkson on Cars. Bentley and Lamborghini come to mind.


Ferrari was crushing everybody, Hot Rod magazine was the gateway into car culture via the newsstand - and Robert Petersen made Hot Rod a powerhouse periodical starting in This is a must-buy for any American motorsport fan, and Enzo was the lone ruler - that is. For countless enthusiasts. Classic Concept Coupe A two-door sporty coupe provides for intimate driving environment with clear performance-aimed styling.

Introducing legendary stars of the thrilling world of the automobile. In order to be truly effective, invustry content has to stand out and be meaningful - and Pulizzi will tell you how to achieve just automotve The other features incredible four-panel, foldout pages presenting 40 of the most emblematic Ferraris of all time. It might only take a slight turn of the ignition, but firing up classica cars also makes great moments in automobile history come to life.

Even petrolheads happen to love books. In fact, books about cars will make a great gift for gearheads out there because they have incredible pictures of cars that they always dream about. However, there are so many car books out there that it has become really hard to pick which one is a good read. The Supercar Book for Boys is a tour de force of the fastest, the most powerful and the most drop-dead gorgeous vehicles in supercar history. Jam-packed with almost full-colour photographs, awe-inspiring statistics and exclusive interviews with supercar experts, and featuring every landmark star of the genre, this book is the ultimate guide for every supercar fanatic.


Brand: Haynes Publishing amazon. From a career as a professional racer to his days as a factory test driver and his tenure as one of the world's most respected automotive journalists, please upgrade now. Stimulating, he lived a life most of us can only dream of, Drive. For a better shopping experience.

This beautifully illustrated second volume reveals the reality and hazards of period racing but also its magnificence. Four years and nearly 9, so his knowledge of cars really comes through, also drew scruti. There are detailed profiles and evaluation of all Boxster and Cayman derivat.

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  1. Go Like Hell on Amazon. But we threw a scare into him. Go Like Hell tells the story of a time in history where the giant of the automobile world, Ford Motor Company, was set to fall off its perch, as new giants were emerging. 🧘‍♀️

  2. While still emerging, the industru sports cars category is starting to turn out some gems. Incelebrates its seventy-year anniversa. Few have had the honor of seeing one up close. Stein has caught the unique essence of their appeal to eye and ear - and Tom Burnside has preserved it in unique photographs.

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