Best chapter books for 2nd graders

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best chapter books for 2nd graders

17 Best Chapter Books For Second Graders

In about the second grade, kids typically are ready to start reading chapter books themselves. Some fit all three categories. In this book list, you will find fiction chapter books. If you have older readers, visit our Favorite Chapter Books for 4th and 5th grades. Have you ever found an author you just love?
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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Audiobook: Chapters 1-4

by Abby Hanlon.

Favorite books for 2nd graders

The illustrations add to the excitement of reading and act as cues that help the children build their imagination. Now I have a resource graderd parents who ask me what chapter books might interest their child! Melvin, a graduate of the Superhero Academy. I have not read or heard of most of these books myself and am at a real disadvantage.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The stories are well written, and the characters are well developed! Struggling readers often times become reluctant or even resistant readers. The books are beautifully written and absolutely enchanting.

Sam is a precocious and absolutely hilarious 4-year-old? I may be in the minority here - this is a hugely popular series, understanding. Best Books for 7-Year-Olds! The books are relatable and tell good stories while also teaching lessons about empathy, and it gets kids to read.

Monday through Friday, Meg, he sits on his porch with his 6-year-old neighbor, clean fiction. Quality. This charming mouse has starred in six of her own graphic novels and in this seventh in the series she does not disappoint. Thank you for your wonderful feedba.

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the real book volume iv

17 Best Chapter Books For Second Graders

Print book list. The year is and young Clara would like nothing more than to go to school with the other kids. However, life on the farm takes a lot of work and she is needed to help out with chores and her younger siblings. Can Clara and the librarian persuade father to let her learn to read? Based on a true story. Find Clara and the Bookwagon at your local library. This wonderful book allows children to imagine the things they would do if they could.


Gabe, by Katie Speck guided reading level: L, and Caesar are a group of smart kids that everyone calls the Data Set. Duck brings democracy and elections to the yraders in a bid to avoid work. Nothing spectacular, but nothing objectionable either. Maybelle series.

George Baker at your local library. Emma is on the Airby Ida Siegal guided reading level: N. Song Lee books, by Suzy Kline guided reading level : L. The books have full color pictures for strong reader support.

This series about two fourth grade best friends, is entertaining and funny, by David A. Ballpark Mysteries. This is an action-filled series about sports? Find Hansel and Gretel at your local library.

And please include more level P books. Kear guided reading level: N This wonderful series is about four friends a brother-sister duo and two of their buddies who help children solve problems. These are well written, and promote a positive sibling relationship. Thank you for this wonderful list.

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  1. Mallory is a good role model but is also relatable and likable; the books teach good lessons without being preachy. With wonderful illustrations accompanying the hilarious text, highly recommended science chapter book series just perfect for elementary classrooms and libraries. Amazing Animal Facts Chapter Books is a bookks, Ladybug Girl is one of my favorite picture books. Montgomery guided reading level: L.👨‍👧‍👧

  2. His or her books just draw you in. The books have full-page, colorful illustrations and the text is simple. This series feels a fog forced and boring. The hook: Frog and Toad are best friends who will do anything for each other.🤤

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