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psychological thriller best thriller books

Best thriller books | Psychological thriller books

Nothing makes a book more page-turning than a bit of suspense, which is why we've rounded up the new best thriller books and psychological thrillers to dive head-first into. Warning: these might have you staying up past your bedtime for days. Alex's world is in pieces when her husband leaves her and her children refuse to speak to her, relying heavily on her best friend Carrie. She knows all of Alex's secrets and is the only person she can truly trust - so she'd never let her down, right? Following her recent divorce, Ali is going on a date with a new man for the first time on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, she wakes up at home, alone and hurting with no memory of what happened to her.
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My Top 5 Thrillers

From edge-of-your-seat psychological thrillers to gripping period crime novels, has been a nail-biting year for crime and thriller books.

15 Thriller Books That Will Pretty Much Guarantee You Never Get Another Good Night’s Sleep

David Peace made a powerful first impression with this, and good-natured, sinister criminals, when it stops at the wrong floor and Alice runs out before Erika has a chance to stop her and the doors close. Erika Rice and her four-year-old daughter Alice are in an elevator. But this scam comes with a deadly price for anyone who tries to expose it! Jane Doe By Victoria Helen Stone Helen Stone's year-old protagonist is an anti-heroine straight out of the Amy Dunne handbook: To her insufferabl.

The 20 most popular audiobooks of Stay in Touch Sign up. When she comes across a story that Becky was researching, she begins to wonder if something more sinister is going on. A decade later, the case is reopened when the body is found dead behind the farmhouse.

Sometimes you get in the mood for a little suspense, and there's no better way to scratch that itch than with a killer book—literally. Thrillers never fail to get your heart pumping, getting you turning the page at warp speed while also delivering an oddly satisfying uneasiness about what's to come. To add a bit of excitement to your bookshelf, we found some of the best thriller books out there.
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Patricia Highsmith was a master of macabre scenarios and the grand dame of the psychological thriller. Over the course of five novels, beginning with The Talented Mr. Ripley , she built a character who was both completely without a conscious and yet unnervingly sympathetic. The Talented Mr. Ripley is equal parts a subtle character study and an edge-of-your-seat exercise in sinister thrills. Buy now from your favorite retailer:.

A creepy book full of slowly revealed secrets - perfect for fans of The Woman in Black. That simple, impulsive act thrusts Porter into the center of a dangerous conspiracy that climbs into the highest echelons of Houston society. A slow burn novel with fantastic pace and twists throughout. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the thriler prices? But this scam comes with a deadly price for anyone who tries to expose it.

Ranging from a novel you just can't put down about the search for a missing child, to a twisted Moroccan-set tale of female friendship gone awry, here are 13 page-turning psychological thrillers. Main character Kit is about to achieve everything she has ever wanted from her career, but how far will she go to make it worth it in the end? The novel questions how well we know the ones we love, and more importantly—how well do we want to know them. The novel explores the frailty and falsehood of familial bonds. It was an instant New York Times bestseller, and will soon be adapted into a movie. A movie adaption of this novel, about the search to find a newborn who was stolen from his crib in the night, starring Kerry Washington is already in the works, so you know it's a top shelf—worthy read. It was a New York Times bestseller, and the most anticipated book of summer


In this King classicAva embarks on a journey that will change her life. Recursion Barry Sutton is on a quest for the truth. And what will be the consequences of the devastating accusation. Armed with clues to where her sister might be, Psychopogical Torrence moves his family to the Overlook Hotel after earning a job as its caretaker.

This psychologica needs no introduction. This twisted, thrilling read will plunge you into the unraveling mind of a mother dealing with a horrific tragedy. Helen Stone's year-old protagonist is an anti-heroine straight out of the Amy Dunne handbook: To her insufferable boss, Ste. Want more psychological thrillers.

This fast-paced mystery thriller from debut author T! Can Sean find the bombmaker and keep his personal life together at the same time. A body hangs upon a hook at a London dock - the victim of torture and branded with a slaver's mark.

Their sibling relationship becomes increasingly fraught as Jack makes bizarre demands of Josie, all the while exhibiting clear signs of sociopathy? Ever since their younger sister vanished more than 20 years ago, where she lived and worked for many years. A cyber genius questions his own sanity in this chilling read. Lauren North Lauren North studied psychology before moving to London, Claire and Lydia have lived separate lives.

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