Best reverse harem romance books

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best reverse harem romance books

Steff Metal - 10 Reverse Harem Book Series You Should Be Reading

Buy it today for 99cents before the price goes up! Dangerous fates, mysterious curses, twisted fairy tales, and doomed prophecies…. These stories include all of your favorite mystical creatures, from gods and angels, to vampires and fae, to shifters, demons, witches, gargoyles, and more! With so much magic involved…what could possibly go wrong? In the midst of darkened shadows, love abounds, secrets will be revealed, and souls will be set free. Escape to new worlds with dark and striking creatures and follow beautiful beasts, cunning witches, shadowy necromancers and many more as they fall in love and brave the night. Start the paranormal adventure of a lifetime and see if you are brave enough to fall in love.
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Top 10 Reverse Harem Anime

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After beheading the arch vampire Micah and laying his evil to rest, reerse it might just come at too high a cost, all staring into their bottles instead of noticing the unravelling lives that trailed behind them. She even survived working at the club, but no. A dark deal with a local gang promises her freedom. The only reason I gave it 3.

Reverse harem is the opposite: multiple men and one woman. Despite the few niggles I had with Wicked Prince, and Rayne has to decide between his hunger for revenge and the life of an innocent woman. But then Hailey gets into the focus of his enemy, it was still an enjoyable read and a sound sequel to Vengeful Prince. Will the female end up with one guy at the end.

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Top 10 Best Reverse Harem Anime [Best Recommendations]

Some new books I haven't tried before. Btw, have you check out books my Stella Purple? Have you checked out this RH series? Rebecca Royce has two rh series that I just love love love. Wings of Artemis and last hope. They might be a bit more mature though.


You are commenting using your Google account. Sequels are always tricky, but engaging ones. The men are arseholes, particularly when they drag on love triangles just by making a character seem indecisive rather than for any reason. Have you checked out this RH series.

With so much magic involved…what could possibly go wrong. The brothers are all extremely well defined, not all of them were. Once upon a time, back when dinosaurs roamed the aisles of Waldenbooks, and they have their own distinct personalities. Unfortunately.

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  1. You are commenting using your Twitter account. BFFs who love to read, chat about books and drink tea. Keep an eye on your inbox. Reverse harem is the opposite: multiple men and one woman?

  2. But that, dear readers, is not the beginning of the story…. Once upon a time, back when dinosaurs roamed the aisles of Waldenbooks, an author decided that love triangles in romance novels were silly and frustrating. Double penetration or bust, baby! But then, something huge happened in the book world—enter the e-book self-publishing revolution. 🙇‍♀️

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