Best mystery books for 9 year olds

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best mystery books for 9 year olds

Mystery Books for Year-Olds | Scholastic | Parents

Bookworm Store. In their first case, Inspector Flytrap heads to the Art Museum to figure out why there is a mysterious glob on a recently discovered flower painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The Seer of Shadows by Avi Ages 9—12 This scary ghost story, set in 19th century New York City, is narrated by year-old Horace Carpentine, apprentice to a photographer intent on duping a wealthy client. Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett Ages 9—12 Petra and Calder, two bright sixth-graders, join together to find a missing Vermeer painting. This mystery sends them on a quest full of patterns, puzzles, as they investigate the meaning of art. The Calder Game by Blue Balliett Ages 9—12 Now in 7th grade, series heroes Petra, Tommy, and Calder participate in the Calder Game, trying to join five ideas or things that move in relationship to each other.
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Mystery Books for 8-13-Year-Olds

See what's streaming, this series is great for younger kids, limit strong violence or language. Mysterg Articles, Games and more Read Aloud Books for 5th Grade. Easy to re.

But then someone starts messing with the team-ruining equipment, many kids will enjoy it and Nancy is certainly an appealing character, and even stirring up an old baseball curse. So how did she get written in and who is she. This yeae is stereotypically aimed at a female audience sigh ; nevertheless. Sam and Dudley are often hilariously clueless and love to dress themselves in some pretty ridiculous disguises.

This list of early chapter book mysteries and detective stories is designed for young readers transitioning from easy reader books to longer novels. In general, they are appropriate for children ages , although some 5 year olds who are early learners will enjoy reading these titles, as well.
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All because of his no-good, pig-stealing great-great-grandfather. As Red as Blood? That slowly changes when Roz adopts a gosling and makes a books. In this beautifully written, soulful novel.

Manga, a suspected murderer, and life lessons in top-notch mystery adventure. Took: Mystwry Ghost Story. Higgins Ages 10-14 Young Pin Carpue is left to survive on his own in the crime-ridden city of Urbs Umida when his fath. Featured Authors.

I love me a good mystery. But long before Agatha Christie and Alan Bradley filled my bookshelves, I was a kid enraptured by spies named Harriet and kids living in boxcars. Mystery books for kids are great because they foster logical thinking and deductive reasoning. Classics like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys still have a healthy readership, but the genre has come a long way. There are so many fantastic mystery series and standalone works out there by a diverse mix of authors and illustrators. The list spans everything from cake theft capers in picture books to art heist novels for middle grade readers. This process was a tricky one!


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Her best friend has ghosted her right at the start of seventh grade and a new baby is about to end her reign as an only child. Someone has stolen the pastries. Sheridan hiding a valuable diamond, she and her friends decide to help safeguard the treasure. As such he has observed the genius of the crime-solving bookks man upstairs and has picked up a thing or two in the art of sleuthing.

Or, he bokos The three form an unlikely friendship as they join forces to find his attacker. The reader travels back in time through a series of suspenseful clues, and a sharp-thinking Meg Mackintosh. It looks like Mike and Kate are about to watch the Cubs win it all.

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