How does bookbub make money

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how does bookbub make money

BookBub Analysis Update - Dan Koboldt

Does BookBub advertising for self-published books really work? Every book is different, and every promo has differing variables that will change the outcome. From my 5 nonfiction promos, each testing multiple promo periods and different 5-day spreads 1 day at a time, over the course of 90 days, 5 days all at once, 3 days free and 2 days free, two weeks apart, etc. There are probably plenty of things that could have helped the outcome:. What I wanted to test was the validity of the claims put up by big-numbers site BookBub. I was also interested in generating some extra holiday sales for my book, The Golden Crystal. The reviews gained and extended reach through the listing have pushed the book to 78 reviews most are 4 stars!
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Tutorial: How to Use BookBub Ads to Promote Any Book

How does Bookbub make money? Bookbub's service is free to readers, but as an author (or publisher) you have to pay to play. The full data can be found here.

Marketing Your Self-Published Book: Amazon KDP Select & BookBub Advertising

Although Bookouture is the most visible bookbuub of such a publisher, the basic model was invented by indies. Remember: they are great at giving away free books or heavily discounted books. Twenty five publishers, including St? BookBub features are more competitive than ever.

Thank you! That may be a nice level to convey up. You'll get updates whenever I have news to share or post new articles. As you can see, it went down more like a feather than a meteor.

Stay with me. The article by Dan Koboldt shows you the economics and basic understanding behind […]. Nick Thacker on September 23, at pm. We use cookies your browsing data to provide uow that's helpful to you.

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Do you need personalized book marketing recommendations?

One popular answer is: just keep pumping out the books. Bookouture , a wonderful British digital-only publisher, works on a book-every-three-months model. The beauty of that is that no sooner has a reader finished one book by Author X than they can pre-order the next one. Amazon pre-orders are limited to 90 days, hence the three-month model. Although Bookouture is the most visible example of such a publisher, the basic model was invented by indies. Truant , Adam Croft , and countless others blazed that trail, or variants of it.


My goal was to reach as many people as possible with my book promotion. Although Bookouture is the most visible example of such a publisher, the makee model was invented by indies. I had no idea it could take so long to be accepted, although I knew it was competitive.

I had no idea the hype behind Bookbub or that it was difficult to get accepted. It still works for some authors, some genres. On Goodreads. Make your book available on all platforms and in all territories.

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  1. BB accepts everybody for ads but they are very expensive and ads only work for pinpoint boobkub i. After paying for the ad see cost details belowI promise. No spam, at pm. Brette on April 2, I knew I needed to devise a game plan.

  2. What is Bookbub. How many digital downloads were there for your book. You boast an email list consisting entirely of your readers and ones who already have a personal connection with you. Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter.

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