Public finance and taxation notes pdf

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public finance and taxation notes pdf

Public Finance and Taxation- | Public Finance | Value Added Tax

Certified public Accountants CPA. Certified credit professionals CCP. Certified investment and financial analysts CIFA. Certified secretaries CS. It has been held as a study of principles underlying the spending and raising of funds by the public authorities. The various theories which form the basis of the collection; maintenance and expenditure of the public income constitute the subject and matter of finance. The scope of public finance is not just to study the composition of public revenue and public expenditure.
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Public finance and taxation revision study notes

They are, establish an emergency fund for the county government under the name "…………………… County Emergency Fund" and the fund shall consist of money from time to time appropriated by the county assembly to the Fund by an appropriation law. This new principle i. A County Executive Committee may, 1? Government has the power to increase its income be internal borrowings but this is not possible for an individual.

The object of expenditure refers to the particular activities to be performed with that budget like, the deduction is made in the income tax, salaries of civil servan. Power to require information from importers concerning dumping of goods. Keynes advocated deficit financing as an instrument of economic policy to overcome conditions of depression pubilc to raise the level of output and employment. As we shall see later.

PUBLIC FINANCE AND TAXATION akzamkowy.orgami Parameswaran November - The government can print currency notes to increase its revenue.
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Much more than documents.

Introductions to public financial management Legal Framework - General overview of public financial management as envisaged by the constitution - Overview of the public financial management Act - Financial regulations - Treasury circulars; meaning and application - Process of developing county government finance bills. The operations of the national and county governments on management and control of public finance - Establishment of National County Treasury - Responsibility of National and County Treasuries with respect to public funds - Establishment, purpose and composition of intergovernmental budget and economic council - The process of sharing revenue - The role of the Commission on Revenue on Allocation COR - The role of the council of governors in county financial management. Establishment of public funds in the public sector. Supply chain management in public entities. Oversight function in public finance management - The role of National Assembly - The role of senate - The role of county assembly - The role of auditor general - The role of Internal Audit - Role of controller of budget in relation to disbursement of public funds as envisaged by the constitution and PFM Act,


In western countries, equitable, the budget gap, public health. When a State organ or any other public entity contracts for goods or se. Expenditure on educa. New York: Worth Publications.

Uploaded by Marcellin Marca. Deficit finance allows governments to smooth tax burdens over time and gives governments an important fiscal policy tool. The purpose of an Emergency Fund is to enable payments to be made in finnce of a county when an urgent and unforeseen need for expenditure for which there is no specific legislative authority arises. Recurrent Expenditure B.

A private individual can face the crises of being bankrupt but no government can be bankrupt. Main article: Government spending. Government has the power to increase its income be internal borrowings but this is not possible for an individual. To modify patterns of consumption or employment within an economy by making some classes of transaction more or less fihance.

But the government records are furnished to let the people see through the desirability of the expenditure. These means must be used in harmonious combination so as to produce the best overall effects on the economic life of the people in terms of economic progress and social welfare. Here it is used to denote the upblic addition to gross national expenditure as a result of budget deficit. The tax base was, however.

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  1. Taxation , imposition of compulsory levies on individuals or entities by governments. Taxes are levied in almost every country of the world, primarily to raise revenue for government expenditures, although they serve other purposes as well. This article is concerned with taxation in general, its principles, its objectives, and its effects; specifically, the article discusses the nature and purposes of taxation, whether taxes should be classified as direct or indirect, the history of taxation, canons and criteria of taxation, and economic effects of taxation, including shifting and incidence identifying who bears the ultimate burden of taxes when that burden is passed from the person or entity deemed legally responsible for it to another. 💤

  2. PRINCIPLES OF PUBLIC FINANCE AND TAXATION ATD LEVEL III DCM . to the government is the printing of new currency notes to increase its income.

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