The happy prince questions and answers pdf

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the happy prince questions and answers pdf

Class-9 Chapter-5 The Happy Prince- Extra Questions and NCERT Solution | EDUMANTRA

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Class 9th The happy prince chapter 5 QUESTION/ANSWERS detailed explanation

Class-9 Chapter-5 The Happy Prince- Extra Questions and NCERT Solution

The little weeping match girl also depicts the poverty of the Victorian age. He gives parts of all the riches in his statue to his people through the swallow. Therefore, this is how the writer shows the hypocrisy of the people. It flew to the Prince, and asked if it could kiss his hand.

What are the precious things mentioned in the story. Thus, the Happy Prince suestions able to help the poor children in the city. How did he spread it. Her matches had fallen into the gutter.

The Happy Prince (Oscar Wilde). 10th Class PSEB Examination-Style Questions And Answers. Short-Answer Type Textual Questions (
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It is based on the theme that love and sacrifice are important values in human life and happiness comes to those who make happg happy. Smart Student. The swallow overheard her saying that she hoped her dress would be ready for the state ball and that she had ordered flowers to be embroidered on it but the seamstresses were a lazy lot. Sooner or later, another drop of water fell on him.

But the Prince forced the swallow pirnce do as he desired. The swallow was a nice bird. It stayed with the prince on cold nights. The Happy Prince asked the swallow to pick out the sapphire from his one eye and give it to the young man.

Two little boys were trying to keep each other warm by hugging close under the archway of a bridge and the watchman was telling them not to lie them? No sorrow was allowed to enter there. It saw the nadir of condition of poor when they are denied even a sound sleep by police patrolling the street. He became ready to carry a ruby to the playwright.

The swallow went back and told the Prince about all it had seen. However, at last? The prince knew that her father would beat her if she did not bring home some money. Why are they precious.

However, when he died, his kingdom was doomed with misery. After he died, his statue was erected atop a high platform. It is equipped with a summary of the lesson and a detailed explanation. The Happy Prince Questions and Answers have also been given for a better understanding. The statue was made of many precious items such as Gold, gems and the handle of the sword had a bright ruby stone. When the swallow reached his city, he wondered where he would stay for the night.


It is because of love and sacrifice that this life is going on. He wanted to cat oranges? The angels considered the leaden heart, the most precious thing in the city. Nothing succeeds like success here.

He does his act of selfless service with utmost dedication and sacrifice. How did The Happy Prince help them. X Looking for Class 9 Abd Classes. The swallow slipped the sapphire on the palm of the match girl.

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  1. The swallow was impressed with his charity and kindness. Every parent now tries to get their children more indulged in studies. Previous Pause Next! But she had nothing to give him except the river water.

  2. The education board has witnessed many events where invigilators are being suspended for allotting wrong marks to the students. How did the Happy Prince discover true happiness. If the internet has made it s way to all aspects of human life, no far stands classrooms from it. That also explained how the poor and needy people in the city were mysteriously getting jewels and gold so that they could end their poverty and miseries.🙅

  3. It is most famous for its title story, "The Happy Prince". Comprehension - Answer the questions. Give complete answers. 1. Where was Oscar Wilde born?

  4. The swallow overheard her saying that she hoped her dress would be ready for the state ball and that she had ordered flowers to be embroidered on it but the seamstresses were a lazy lot. He sacrifices his eyes and answwrs just to help them. There was a playwright who had no firewood to keep himself warm. So, the angel was right when it took the leaden heart of the prince and princ dead swallow to Heaven.

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