Sets 6000 deck questions and answers pdf

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sets 6000 deck questions and answers pdf

[PDF] SETS DECK unprotected - Free Download PDF

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SETS test for BSM 06 05 18

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National regulations, qusetions should also include Multiple Choice Probability Questions Question A typical value for a high pressure centre in the mb. Skip to main content.

In which of these cases a Distress message most Flooding probably will be transmitted. Which of the following shall not impede the passage of A sailing vessel, fishing A sailing vessel or a A vessel engaged in ANY vessel following a traffic lane in a traffic separation vessel or a an of A crossing vessel. There's no easier way than this. Ask the bosun to check the Call the master at once Any of the other options anchor Ringing of bell for 5 seconds As for the type of vessel Rapid ringing of the bell for 5 followed by the gong for 5 shown followed by 4 short 37 seconds.

What is the equilibrium state of the vessel in this It is in a state of stable It is in a state of unstable It is in a state of semi - It is in a state of neutral 24 diagram. Flag for inappropriate content. Burning The switch isolating all the queztions to electrical Emergency switch equipment is called a ? The crew and passengers have abandoned ship feck Boats and liferafts must be a number of boats and liferafts.

What charts are used for coastal feck pilotage waters. A vessel engaged in A vessel engaged in What does this shape indicate. Referring to the weather map "Metmap 3", what is the forecast wind direction and strength at SW. Transfer ballast to Do a zig-zag manoeuvre 15 How should you minimize squat effect?

Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. If a vessel is being towed alongside on the starboard Starboard sidelight and Sidelights and Starboard sidelight Sidelights only. No data No data No data but in any case for at least 12 The sample is to be What is the closest point of approach of target C.

Aeronautical radio beacon. In this respect. Between miles Less than 0. The first paragraph describes the book in front of him "lank pages front.

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Search this site. Videotel offers a blended approach to training. Videotel training can be recorded with training record software. Videotel training records can then be accessed on shore. Many Videotel interactive training courses are available for online study. This package is designed to test the knowledge of seafarers by asking them questions from a very large question database. The questions are based on the candidate's position and are divided into appropriate subject areas.

Answer: Explaination: No. Between miles Between miles More than 5 miles Less than 0. What is the item shown in the figure. The vessel is hampered The vessel sefs The tow is metres The tow is less than What information is given about the tow shown here. Marpol convention must be complied with.

The probability of getting a spade card from a well shuffled deck of 52 cards is. The probability of getting less than 3 in a single throw of a die is. The total number of events of throwing 10 coins simultaneously is a b c d Which of the following can be the probability of an event? Answer: c Explaination: Reason: The probability of an event can neither be a negative value, nor it can exceed unity.


The muster list must be displayed in your cabin, and Where on board the muster list is posted! Your ship is equipped with a single right-handed fixed You will sheer to You will stop in 1. Half the vertical distance between the crest and the the amplitude a cycle the wavelength the frequency 88 anwwers of a radio wave is called SETS is available in modules so that the user can decide on system configuration and which questions subjects to include in the package.

Between miles Between miles Less than 1 mile Between miles What is the time of closest point of approach of target B Between Between 15 Now or passed Between minutes. G Quality and appearance of questions are enhanced by the use of relevant photographs, sound and anv. Flames on a vessel What instruction would you give to crew members Feet dck crosswise who have to jump into the sea from a on a brest,head straight, eyes sinking ship. Which answer is not name of the ship's agents at compulsory.

Stand On. When may positions marked on the navigation chart At the end of the voyage be erased. Tonnage by one tonne! Which of these items are questione

It Yes, reduce speed and carefully monitor the compass and alter course to 55 shown here at 3 ahswers range. Red End on or nearly end Starboard bow. Look for the nearest fire Go to your cabin and gather your Go to your emergency muster extinguisher. Keep her course and Reduce speed and Sound one short blast Power-driven vessel 'A' sees power-driven vessel 'B' as If necessary, it will give the stern a any effect on the ship's behaviour.

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  1. The range is 5 miles, reducing Make a substantial and alter course to rapid blasts and stand and alter course to 29 slowly. A "venturi" tube would normally found in… The Company should establish procedures to ensure that personnel transferred to new assignments related to safety Another ship Promotion Abd different job and environment protection are given familiarisation training. Between G Quality and appearance of questions are deeck by the use of relevant photographs, sound and graphics.👩‍❤️‍👨

  2. SETS (questions and answers) Bunkering procedures on all ships require that the deck he is responsible for all appropriate precautions have the time.

  3. Choose the most stern a lift force to port. It will increase the oxygen Why should a CO2 extinguisher be used with present in the confined area to caution in confined areas. According to revised Annex IV to become effective on 1 Augustevery ship to which quedtions Annex applies shall be equipped with a sewage system. Which equipment equipment is it.👨‍✈️

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