Biblical boy names and meanings pdf

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biblical boy names and meanings pdf

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These names occur in the Bible in any language. See also about biblical names. Modern Rare Archaic. Related name is is not. User list. Other theories claim a Hebrew derivation, and suggest meanings such as "high mountain" or "exalted". In the Old Testament this name is borne by the older brother of Moses.
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Biblical Baby Names, Christian Boy Names - Amazing 25 Biblical Baby Boy Names

Biblical Names and their Meanings. HITCHCOCK'S BIBLE NAMES DICTIONARY​. This dictionary is from "Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy.

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Emma, Grace This was the name of the grandfather of Saul in namfs Old Testament. He was the attendant of Elijah and succeeded him after his ascension to heaven. Gittites dwellers in Gath winepress Jos.

Caleb, Joshua Charles Genubath robbery 1Ki. Esek contention Ge.

Heled worldly 1Ch. Ammon A fellow-countryman; of the same race Ge. Emma, Hannah Bethel - house of the lord Jos.

Abitub Father is goodness; father of goodness 1Ch. As a young man he was captured and enslaved by raiders from Ireland. In modern times it is also used as a feminine name. Abel-maim Meadow of the waters 2Ch.

Cushi black 2 Sa. It was used as a given name by the Puritans after the Protestant Reformation. Zachary. Chesil fool; fat.

Haradah terror Nu. Dishon antelope Ge. Hanoch dedicated; Initiated. Avites dwellers in ruins.

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Are you looking for a beautiful name for your beautiful son? Wondering how many options you have? Everyone wants a name that is unique. A unique name adds on to our distinct identity and personality. Many of us believe in looking for a distinct and unique name for our kids. Well, you need to be careful while choosing a unique name as it should not cause an embarrassment for your child in future if the name is completely off track or cannot be spelt correctly. So here we have a list of unique baby boy names for your little one:.


Eder flock Jos. Goliath exile; exiled 1 Sa. James, Jesse Diotrephes nourished by Jupiter I2Jo.

Chun established. Gibea hill 1 Ch. Start by pressing the button below. In any case, and the name probably has a source in Aramaic.

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  1. Achzib Deceit; deceiver; lie. Derived from the Italian vocabulary word donna "lady" and also used as a feminine form of Donald. Abio Brotherly 2Sa. Asaiah Jehovah has made 1Ch.

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