Dictionary of mining mineral and related terms pdf

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dictionary of mining mineral and related terms pdf

Hydraulic mining - Wikipedia

Hydraulic mining is a form of mining that uses high-pressure jets of water to dislodge rock material or move sediment. It is also used in mining kaolin and coal. Hydraulic mining developed from ancient Roman techniques that used water to excavate soft underground deposits. Its modern form, using pressurized water jets produced by a nozzle called a "monitor", came about in the s during the California Gold Rush in the United States. Though successful in extracting gold-rich minerals, the widespread use of the process resulted in extensive environmental damage , such as increased flooding and erosion , and sediment blocking waterways and covering farm fields. These problems led to its legal regulation. Hydraulic mining has been used in various forms around the world.
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French to English Mining & Minerals / Gems Translation Glossary

Also spelled bituminite. Afr - West Africa. Controlled blasting - Blasting patterns and sequences designed to achieve a particular objective. Bennett, abraumsalze Ger.

A general term descriptive of coal other than anthracite and low-volatile coal on the one hand and lignite on the other. AGI, contains more than average amounts of potassium- and sodium-bearing minerals, e. An alkaline ro. Ad air pit.

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Big Coal D. Bilharz table. To prevent normal operation of drill-string equipment in a borehole, such as by constriction or friction created by swelling or caving ground, settlement or balling of cuttings, an obstruction, or an offset or crooked hole, or as the result of insufficient clearance cut by use of undergage bits or reaming shells. To cause to cohere; to give consistency to by means of an agent, such as by drilling mud in a loose, sandy, or fragmented formation. A British coal miner's term for any fine-grained, well-laminated rock such as shale, clay, or mudstone, but not sandstone associated with coal.


Syn: manganblcnde; manganese glance. In transmitted light, alginite sometimes shows structure of col- cations and having original properties that are not permanently de- onies of algae. Fay, carries two horizontal jibs. The numerical difference between the refractive indices of a mineral.

The mining and minerals community owes special gratitude to the members of the Dictionary Revision Group: Robert L. See also: tender; contract. A term used mineeal Ireland for a bed of sand in shale, or clay. An obstruction in a borehole.

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