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he and i book gabrielle bossis

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The author endeavors always to be in communion with the Catholic Church and its teachings. This book has inspired me to the extent that it has changed my image of God from a stern judge to a loving friend. I'm on my 12th reading of the book and each time there is something wonderful that keeps me hope-filled in this difficult time - mainly His closeness, His caring and the intimacy that brings to me - a 66 year old widow. It is nice to meet you. Thank you for your comments. I have read the entire book "He and I" by Gabrielle Bossis and I must say that it left a deep impression upon me also.
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A Spiritual Friendship - Gabrielle Bossis

Gabrielle Bossis & the Intimate Life of the Soul

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It is nice to meet you. Highly recommended if you need a spiritual lift. Brown Translator! This is because Bosis love you, and it's the same for everyone.

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Gabrielle Bossis

Enter into the intimate, interior conversations between Jesus and Gabrielle Bossis. In this timeless spiritual classic, you share in the profound and touching experience of Gabrielle Bossis-a French nurse and playwright living as a single woman in the early 20th century-while she hears the inner voice of Jesus in the core of her being. It was not until the age of 62 while traveling to Canada aboard the 'Ile de France' that Gabrielle began a dialogue with this inner voice. From that time until two weeks before her death in , the voice of Jesus summoned her not only in church and during prayer, but amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life. From flying on an airplane, to riding the metro during rush hour in Paris, to walking through the crowds of busy city streets, to performing on a theatrical stage, Gabrielle encountered Jesus during all of her experiences. Even when she was contemplating her innermost thoughts and feelings, Jesus was striking up a conversation with her. Recorded in her diary from to , their tender exchanges capture Gabrielle's transformative spiritual journey as her doubt evolves into confidence.

Can you please help me out. I'm listening for His Messages to bolk. Known by friends and acquaintances for her vivacious personality and infectious laughter, her journals revealed a rich spiritual life. Thank you? I have been reading this book for several weeks now.

This is a quote from a book called He and I , written down by French laywoman, nurse, and mystic, Gabrielle Bossis, who recounts the words of Jesus that she heard as inner locutions. Bossis, who lived from to , and in her sixties began having an interior mystical-dialogue with Jesus. Her journal is a recording of this miraculous intimate conversation. That is to say, private revelation must never contradict the deposit of faith, and even if it does not contradict the faith, it still does not necessarily need to be believed or followed by the faithful. The majority of private revelations are false.


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