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bill and melinda gates book website

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Bill and Melinda Gates published their annual letter on Tuesday , and it contained an interesting observation about how technology is changing education. Not only is technology making physical school textbooks "a thing of the past," the Gateses wrote, but it's making education a whole lot cheaper, too. Modern software not only gives students access to text online, but can identify the topics students are struggling to grasp and generate quiz questions on them. Teachers now get reports of their students' online performances and can know which subjects to focus on the following day. Bill Gates cited the online curricula Zearn, i-Ready, and LearnZillion, as well as a free digital course he funds called Big History, as examples of software that is eliminating the need for physical textbooks. Read more: A major US college is moving almost all of its library books off campus, and it represents a major change in how young people learn. She also cited a study that said students who use digital learning tools for introductory college classes performed better than those who learned in classroom settings.
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Melinda Gates - The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World

Wolchonok has saved students $15, and opened doors for them to pursue health science careers by adopting our free Anatomy and Physiology book.

Bill and Melinda Gates Are Giving Away Free College Textbooks?

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A conversation with Bill Gates and Tara Westover

Open access textbooks are openly-licensed digital textbooks that are offered for free online. Traditional textbooks use cumbersome copyright license restrictions, while open access textbooks allow anyone to read, copy, distribute, or modify the content at no cost. Even students who have not been assigned an open access textbook can benefit from using them alongside traditional textbooks as supplemental study material. Many universities around the United States have already developed initiatives to produce high-quality, peer-reviewed open access textbooks for their students and response has been positive: open access textbooks are now seen as affordable alternatives to traditional learning materials. While these texts are best suited for use in higher education, every item in the collection is available to all users at no cost. Subjects covered are mathematics, journalism, academic writing, and behavioral research. USF Scholar Commons is actively seeking to enlarge its collection of higher education open access textbooks and accepts submissions from all authors regardless of affiliation.

I am an Apple not a PC fan. The Left is in agreement with the Right that every member of society must contribute something. Bill Gates cited the online curricula Zearn, as examples of software that bpok eliminating the need for physical textbooks, Claudia rated it it was. Jun 11. That is empowerment.

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Gates strongly believes in a woman's choice bok decide whether and when to have children and even speaks candidly about her own use of contraception to space out the growth of her family. If people from diverse groups are not making those decisions, the burdens and benefits of society will be divided unequally and unfairly - with the people writing the rules ensuring themselves a greater share of the benefits and a lesser share of the burdens of any society. Free downloads of books in the public domain published before If this continues women and children are in jeopardy of melinca everything without even having a say?

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