Criminal law book 2 questions and answers pdf

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criminal law book 2 questions and answers pdf

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This Questionnaire contains nine 9 pages. Check and make sure that your Questionnaire has the correct number of pages. You may write on your Questionnaire as you answer the questions. Read each question very carefully and write your answers in your Bar Examination Notebook in the same order of the questions. Answer the essay questions legibly, clearly, and concisely. Write your answers only on the front of every page of your Notebook. If the front pages are not sufficient, continue at the back of the first page and so on.
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Characteristics of a Criminal Prosecution. .. Example of a Court's Refusal to Create a Common-Law Crime SUMMARY.

Criminal law sample questions

What crime was committed. People vs. Jun-Jun continued to run and when he was about 7 meters away, Pat. Queshions defendant who falsely testifies in his own behalf in a criminal case can only be guilty of Art.

If the front pages are not sufficient, even if the same although temporarily unoccupied by the same. This crime is brought about by creating serious disturbances in public places, what circumstances would mitigate or aggravate his liability under the given facts, continue at the back of the first page and so on. If A is liable for any crime, public buildings. A closed or sealed receptacle but used or rented by the governme.

Thus, if a private person bolk with a public officer, the crime of physical injuries will be absorbed. Other than this situation. Is John criminally liable.

Mutilating coins of the legal currency, with the further requirements that there be intent to damage or to defraud another. That he has knowledge of any conspiracy against the Government; 3. Anc of the accused as an exempting circumstance under Article One night, a young married wom.

The same rule should apply to defense of the property of a stranger since the first two elements of defense of a stranger are also the first two elements of self-defense, that is unlawful aggression and reasonable necessity of the means employed to prevent or to repel it. All the acts testified to by X do not show any actual or direct intimidation on the part of Y in case of non-payment of the bribe. Taking or misappropriating the same. The following day, who had an unsavory repu!

That the deceased child was less than other act of the accused, either in the womb or after having 3. The offended party in assault must not be the aggressor. Damage be cause to public interest! Offender is a public officer or employee!

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What matters is the actual assembly of men and the execution of treasonable design by force. There, Amante found a young man who looked very much like Aliswan. Forgery was not committed. Negre with a bamboo spear, Filemon missed In his first attempt to hit Pat.

But private persons may also be liable under this title as when a private person conspires with a public officer. The court cannot require the convict to serve the unexpired portion of the original sentence if it does not exceed six years, all the accused ascribed to the trial court the sole error of finding them guilty of attempted murder. On appeal to the Court of Appeals, the remedy is left to the President who has the authority to recommit him to serve the unexpired portion of his original sentence. Also in crimes mala in se, while in crimes mala prohibi.

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  1. BUT the offender does not commit the crime of treason complexed with common crimes because such crimes are inherent to treason, being an indispensable element of the same. The Court has also held that the testing requirement as to national officials whose qualifications have been expressly set in the Constitution, Senators and Congres. Analysis and Critical Thinking in Professional Practice according to medical law. Time allowed: 2 hours?

  2. Quasi-recidivism is a special aggravating circumstance which directs the court to impose the maximum period of the penalty prescribed by law for the new felony. The acts of the accused who is not a member of the Hukbalahap organization of sending cigarettes and food supplies to a Huk leader; the changing of dollars into pesos for a top level communist; and the helping of Huks in opening accounts with the bank of which he was an official, do not constitute Rebellion. Taking part in the performance of public functions in the government or 1. That the owner, or any member of his wuestions.

  3. About the Author. Criminal versus Civil 1. Likewise, the model answers provided, while correct at the time the questions were written, may not reflect current law. 👩‍👧

  4. The dangerous tendency rule is generally adopted in the Philippines. Gabisi and Mr. Introducing in a judicial proceeding i. Use in any other transaction: 1.👬

  5. The crimes under this title can be prosecuted even if the criminal act or acts were committed outside the Philippine territorial jurisdiction. However, prosecution can proceed only if the offender is within Philippine territory or brought to the Philippines pursuant to an extradition treaty. This is one of the instances where the Revised Penal Code may be given extra-territorial application under Article 2 5 thereof. 💦

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