Book of sayings and their origins

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book of sayings and their origins

Common Phrases, Popular Sayings, Idioms List - Meanings and Origin

White elephants were once considered highly sacred creatures in Thailand—the animal even graced the national flag until —but they were also wielded as a subtle form of punishment. According to legend, if an underling or rival angered a Siamese king, the royal might present the unfortunate man with the gift of a white elephant. While ostensibly a reward, the creatures were tremendously expensive to feed and house, and caring for one often drove the recipient into financial ruin. Whether any specific rulers actually bestowed such a passive-aggressive gift is uncertain, but the term has since come to refer to any burdensome possession—pachyderm or otherwise. In its earliest incarnation in the s, the expression described condemned men who struggled the longest when they were executed by hanging. The idea of resting on your laurels dates back to leaders and athletic stars of ancient Greece. In Hellenic times, laurel leaves were closely tied to Apollo, the god of music, prophecy and poetry.
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The Book of Proverbs

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Books by Ella Frances Sanders. Is another Biblical phrase. This phrase was originally true as Coventry blue as the dyers in Coventry used a blue dye that lasted and did not wash out easily! So she did.

To do a big sewing job, but we instead understand the underlying meaning in this case. We have phrases in English like "when pigs fly" that don't translate literally, all the pieces of fabric are cut out before they get sewn together! For one thing it was easier to read. He insisted on being painted 'warts and all'.

What Is a Proverb?

Pulling out a stop lets air flow through a pipe yheir make a sound. A long shot is an option with only a small chance of success. This phrase comes from the days when blacksmiths lifted iron objects from the furnace and hammered it. This Day In History?

In the King James Bible published in Jesus says: 'Strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth to life'. They could only hammer the object into shape while the iron was hot before it cooled down. What can "to travel as a "You are my orange half" is a romantic saying in Spanish. Return to Book Page.

Proverbs surround us everyday. Whether at work, school, church or during a conversation with a friend, the likelihood of hearing a proverb is high. With the influx of different cultures and traditions in the United States, it is not uncommon to come in contact with many examples of proverbs. People who have a strong religious background might look to the Book of Proverbs in the Bible for examples of proverbs. Others might find comfort in proverbs from different cultures. Across the vast continent of Africa, many African nations disseminated proverbs that were meant to educate and inspire those who used them.

When oriigns anchor was lowered a ship would tend to move about on the anchor cable so it was important to give it a wide berth to avoid collisions. Sep 13, Rosa rated it really liked it. Sometimes they said 'heck' instead of Hell. Error rating book. This old saying first theirr in in a play by Dion Boucicault called the Flying Scud in which a character makes the excuse that he is going 'to see a man about a dog' to get away.

Ever wondered why the "hair of the dog" is a hangover cure, why a bird in the hand is worth "two in the bush" and who decided "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"? Some sayings are now so commonplace, we'll utter them with no idea of where they came from. But every phrase, saying or proverb starts somewhere, and thanks to the Phrase Finder , we've uncovered the often disputed authors, meanings and stories behind some of the most commonplace sayings. The results are surprising, and prove it wasn't just Shakespeare changing our language This phrase originates from when apprentices were expected to hold the candle up, so their more experienced colleagues could see what they were doing. The phrase first appeared in print in Sir Edward Dering's The fower cardinal-vertues of a Carmelite fryar , in


This phrase comes because guns used to have 3 parts, the stock the wooden butt theif the gun and the barrel. The most likely explanation for this old saying is that during the English Civil War Royalists captured in the Midlands were sent to Coventry. The sayings translate pretty hilariously. A sight for sore eyes.

On board ships a lead weight was attached to a long rope. This is a fun way to learn about other languages and cultures. Throwing down your gauntlet was a way of challenging somebody to a duel. This book presents quite a few from different parts of the world and explains the background of them teir them in context for easy understanding.

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  2. Examples of Proverbs. This phrase is widely believed to originate from medieval times, in "Quhat bern be thou in bed with heid full of beis. In the Middle Ages a gauntlet was the glove in a suit of armor. This phrase was first recorded in Alexander Douglas's Aeneiswhen English bakers gave an extra loaf when selling a dozen in order to avoid being penalized for selling a short weight.🥺

  3. New spicks or nails would be shiny. In an emergency rather than haul up an anchor the sailors would cut the anchor cable then run with the wind. From the Hardcover edition. However, sometimes the powder in the pan failed to light the main charge.✊

  4. On his podcast, the conversation often takes detours into the origins of certain phrases. Where do these expressions come from anyway? Bus token? Game token? 🖕

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