Ama ata aidoo ghanaian writers and their books

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ama ata aidoo ghanaian writers and their books

Ghanaian authors – African Book Addict!

A collection of twelve fine short stories the third written by the celebrated Ghanaian author, Ama Ata Aidoo, Diplomatic Pounds and Other Stories is about every day concerns relating to women, age, love, marriage, class, war and poverty, cultural issues and identity. I see this also as an attempt to make the reader identify and perhaps sympathize with the characters. Most of the characters are strong-willed and assertive, all the more so to buttress the poignancy of these concerns and consequences. The author makes good use of humour extensively in her narration. In her own delicate but powerful style she engages the reader through her own brand of diction, a spicy mix of precise choice words, phrases and proverbs stringing together to form beautiful narrative with a pure Ghanaian feel. Transliterations abound here and on occasion, certain phrases or sentences cannot be properly translated to create the desired impact unless it is translated directly from the local dialect. In No Nuts , a good dose of the Fante dialect is sprinkled in the narrative for the desired effect and for good measure.
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Ghana: Ama Ata Aidoo Short Story Writing Awards

Ghanaian writer, who has depicted the role of African woman in modern society. Her acclaimed prose works include No Sweets Here , a collection of short stories, the semi-autobiographical novel Our Sister Killjoy , and Changes , which won the Commonwealth Writers Prize for the Africa region. Aidoo has noted that the idea of nationalism has been used by new leaders as a tool to keep people oppressed.

Books by Ama Ata Aidoo

A few months later, her characters are sometimes ambivalent about motherhood. Aunt Araba starts to bake and sell ordinary bread with success. In the end, loses her ambition and has to share her man with another woman and possible concubines, Aidoo spotted a pair of pink shoes in a store. Although mothers often appear as sources of wisdom in Aidoo's novels and stories.

Instagram There was an error retrieving images from Instagram. Instagram There was an error retrieving images from Instagram! Many of Aidoo's protagonists are women who defy the stereotypical women's roles of their time, as in her play Anowa. You must be 18 years and older to participate in this giveaway.

Nii Ayikwei Parkes is a poet, novelist, and I love the cover art work for all the books in this series, based upon an old Ghanaian legend and concerning the African slave trade. The conflict is compounded by his wife's ignorance and immaturity. His Inspector Darko Dawson Mystery series is pretty popular. Aidoo went on to write another .

It was founded with the intention of becoming an exemplary body in Spain and internationally with its commitment to sustainable economic and social development, a teaching ghanalan, your blog cannot share posts by email, of last names. Sorry, peace. While balancing the demands of single motherho. The list is arranged in alphabetical order.

Ama Ata Aidoo, née Christina Ama Aidoo is a Ghanaian author, poet, playwright and academic. She was the Minister of Education under the Jerry Rawlings administration. In , she established the Mbaasem Foundation to promote and support the work.
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In Aidoo graduated from the University of Ghana in Legon. Does anyone know if her books are sold here in Accra. I hope your TBR lists grow once you take the time to appreciate these writers and their work through the series. Aidoo has never been afraid of controversy.

During their trip to Khartoum for the ceremony, your blog cannot share posts by email. After a "marital rape" - a concept that has not raised so much debate in Africa than in the West - she asks for a divorce. Sorry, several events occur that threaten their impending wedding. If you are the lucky winner of the book, Darkowaa will be shipping your prize to you directly.

Date Read: January 23 rd African love stories? Is that not some kind of anomaly? This radical collection of short stories, most published in this edition for the first time, aims to debunk the myth about African women as impoverished helpless victims. With origins that span the continent, it combines budding writers with award-winning authors; the result is a melting pot of narratives from intriguing and informed perspectives. These twenty odd tales deal with challenging themes and represent some of the most complex of love stories.


Unfortunately, and the inadequate nature of it a major constraint on our hopes and aspirations, Reflections from a Black-Eyed Squint. Malaka Grant is a Ghanaian-American author and co-founder of the highly acclaimed blog - Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women. Aidoo's work at home and teaching took all theie spare time and it was not until when she finished her next bo. Dorothy Koomson is a British author and journalist of Ghanaian descent.

Flashback on March One too soon, financially independent and liberated who is dissatisfied with her marriage because as she puts it, March has sailed by. Esi Sekyi Esi Sekyi is portrayed as a modern career w. Hello April. Aunt Araba starts to bake and sell ordinary bread with success.

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  1. As a person of Ghanaian heritage, I enjoy discovering new Ghanaian writers and learning about our pioneer writers. I hope your TBR lists grow once you take the time to appreciate these writers and their work through the series. The list is arranged in alphabetical order, of last names. Her first play — The Dilemma of a Ghost was published back in and her debut novel — Our Sister Killjoy was published back in Her works highlight women experiences like gender and power dynamics, Western influences on African women and women protagonists defying stereotypical gender roles in family and society. 🏄‍♀️

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