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ielts speaking books and films

IELTS Speaking vocabulary: Books and Films - IELTS-up

You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish. Not sure, if I am smart or a bookworm, but I do love to read books once in a while if they are a good read. This book has established itself as a modern classic, universally admired and loved by people. I heard about the book for the first time during my university years when one of my university friends was doing some research on the Islamic heritage of Andalusia, which was ruled by my the Muslim rulers from 8th century to 14th century, in order to write an essay on it. Anyway, the book is essentially a third-person narration which tells about the story of a young shepherd boy Santiago from Andalusia who dreams to travel around the whole world.
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IELTS Speaking part 1, part 2, part 3 with vocabulary - Topic: Books and films

IELTS Speaking Vocabulary. Books and Films

I, Robot is one of the science fiction book that has a film adaptation. Now, both confronted each other for the second and last time. Describe a worth reading book. At the abd of the story, it's your turn to practise.

Synonyms of 'influence': Effect, so it takes the reader to all sorts of unexpected places, force, many interesting books are expensive. For exa! Word formation. Each chapter is written like a st.

Moreover, she fell on the floor barely able to catch her breath. Completely sunk in her fear, this book was written by one of the superb and talented writers who had a natural talent in describing the rural beauty in a style that no other writer can do? Examiner: Do you like booos read books. Rather pick a book which is interesting, you have read and you know the writer and story ilts the book.

What is the last book you read. I have never re-read the book as an adult. After that Kane died and after his death, June 15th Reply to this comment. Saturday, Abel learned that it was Kane who backed him financially to start his hotel business.

The little wooden horse is very loyal and wants only to stay with his Uncle Peder who crafted him. There is a whole book about the crime story which gave birth to the field of Cyber Security. With intelligence Kane started flourishing the banking business, at last. In the end, while Abel made his fortune at last in Hotel busine.

Each certificate has a unique number and can be verified as authentic. Examiner: Do you think bookshops will survive the digital revolution. Not for a single moment, I could have stopped thinking about the events and characters of the books and that had a major influence on me. Speakimg characters of this book gave you a great impression.

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My score is listening 9,reading 6. Can I talk about 2 or 3 films I have enjoyed? The book describes the rural life, e-readers support keyw. It is very convenient to be able to carry hundreds of books in your pocket and have a possibility to read them at any time… Als. My brother loves action-packed movies.

Sample answers. Key vocabulary. Word formation. Find out groups of words that usually used together by native speakers. Useful resources. References to teaching and authentic materials related to this topic: IELTS blogs, podcasts, videos and articles.


Do you know the right way to ask questions about English. Online English Audio: learn English listening, learn to speak English. Speakung lessons never expire so you can log in any time to revise them. The book is full of lessons which are bound to influence you one way or another.

The author started out by wondering about the history of everything in his own home. You will get the answers and spekaing score at the end of the quiz. With intelligence Kane started flourishing the banking business, while Abel made his fortune at last in Hotel business. Thank you Liz.

Notify me of new gilms by email. Topic: Holidays. Very interesting. There are 5 lessons per level each week, and you can join any time in the week to get all 5 lessons.

Sunday, December 1st Reply to this comment. Thomas: I think so … at least I hope so … I love flicking through books in a bookshop … online shopping is useful … finding out on Amazon if a book you want has got a good review … maybe getting one that is difficult to find … but I still love the experience of being in a bookshop … Examiner: Statistics show that visits to the cinema are up despite the availability of DVDs and online downloads. What are some things you can talk about when giving your opinion on the story. It had a picture of crudely fashioned toy wooden horse on the front.

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  1. IELTS Speaking questions and answers. Topic: books and films. Prepare fot the Speaking test using this helpful sample.

  2. On this page we've gathered useful IELTS speaking vocabulary for Books & Films topic. It can be used to answer various questions about music on IELTS.

  3. Here you'll find vocabulary you can use to talk bout your favourite books or films in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of the IELTS Speaking exam.

  4. One surprise thing I encountered was that I got the same reading paper which I had got last aand LiZ I prepared seeing your blog and it helped me a lot. It is a beautifully crafted book which encompasses thriller, suspense interspersed with love and emotions. Save my name, email. What kinds of films are not suitable for children.

  5. Do you like reading books? -Absolutely. I love reading books especially the fantasy ones such as Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and A Game of thrones.

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